Big Government 10/23 4:00 AM Meet the New Serfs: You Accountability is for the little people.
Economy 10/22 6:14 PM Communism for Kids The march of the New Marxists goes on, now with children's literature.
Culture Watch 10/22 6:33 PM Fired Over Racist Fruit Watermelon scandal gets high-school football coach sacked.
2014 10/23 4:00 AM It’s the Economy, Stupid Obama’s record is hurting Democrats.
2014 10/22 8:00 PM Majority Leader McConnell? He would restore the Senate’s dignity.
Civil Rights 10/22 2:00 PM Stickup in Atlantic City N.J. plays Monopoly with an AC man’s home.
The Right 10/23 4:00 AM Youth Is the Key for the GOP Millennial candidates can make a difference.
Ebola 10/23 4:00 AM Prepare for Bioweapons Our response to Ebola shows we’re vulnerable.
Life 10/23 4:00 AM Saluting Young Pro-Lifers As The Human Life Review turns 40.
Feminism 10/22 5:00 PM Egg Freezing Won’t Let Women Have It All It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
2014 10/22 10:26 AM O’Keefe Strikes Again A new video exposes potential voter fraud.
Race 10/22 4:00 AM Our National Dialogue Black-ish adds a bit to that endless “honest conversation.”
Voting Rights 10/22 12:00 PM Shades of Jim Crow at DOJ It says racial minorities need help in voting.
The Environment 10/22 12:00 AM Nature Loves Oil Rigs It turns out they’re fantastic for sea life.
Budget 10/22 4:00 AM Wastebook 2014 Many ways the feds misspend your money.
Culture Watch 10/22 5:00 PM Feminism’s Next Frontier? Egg-freezing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Political Culture 10/22 4:00 AM Wendy Davis vs. Principle A threat to American values.
Whither Wendy? Her embarrassing career should be finished.
Culture Watch 10/21 6:13 PM Mandatory Reeducation Chicago teachers are given sensitivity training.
Ebola 10/21 7:28 PM Only Experts Panic Guess who isn't getting hysterical over Ebola?
2014 10/22 4:00 AM The Blasé Beaver State Oregon Dems are weak, but voters don’t care.
Big Government 10/22 4:00 AM Bipartisan Corporate Welfare Look no further than Obamacare.
VPOTUS 10/22 12:00 AM Hunter Biden’s Progress The VP’s son goes far on the family name.​
Foreign Policy 10/22 12:00 AM Winning in Spite of Itself The West has been bailed out by good fortune.
Civil Rights 10/22 12:00 AM Houston Harasses Ministers Their sermons and private papers were subpoenaed.
Higher Education 10/21 11:14 AM Racist Telephone Poles? Leftist pablum fills college reading lists.
Middle East 10/21 1:15 PM ISIS’s Stoning Video Another alarm that should wake up the U.S.
Life 10/21 4:00 AM The Personhood Charade Liberals lie about “personhood amendments.”
2014 10/21 4:00 AM Walker Gets Badgered The Wis. governor faces fictitious smears.
WMD Controversy 10/21 4:00 AM The Biggest Lie Why is the NYT suddenly focused on WMD?
Economics 10/21 4:00 AM What to Do about ‘Inequality’ Janet Yellen isn’t all wrong.
Faith and Family 10/21 12:00 PM The Liberating Power of Truth George Weigel on the synod on the family.
The Synod’s Real Success Doctrine is set to strengthen, not change.
Rome Helps the Family Recovering truths about love, through mercy.
The Obama Administration 10/21 12:50 PM Eric Holder’s Lament He wanted to curb even more of your rights.
Ebola 10/20 3:20 PM Crying ‘Racism’ on Ebola Skin color isn’t driving Americans’ fears.
POTUS 10/21 12:00 AM Obama’s Empathy Problem Americans no longer believe he cares.
The Media 10/21 12:00 AM Predatory Journalism The NYT’s editorial demagoguery
Media Scarier than Ebola Creating a nationwide hysteria.
Ferguson 10/21 12:00 AM The Ferguson Farce Self-indulgent triviality.
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Gardner +7
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Nunn +2

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