The Middle East 1/29 8:00 PM Never Again Don’t let Iran commit another Holocaust.
Courts/Law 1/29 6:15 PM Don’t Rush to Confirm Lynch A yes vote would approve Obama’s overreach.
Culture Watch 1/29 3:10 PM Fighting the Culture War With American Sniper, the far Left is on a losing streak.
Promoted Content 1/29 4:00 AM Drink Fine Wine . . . and help National Review.
Higher Ed 1/29 4:00 AM Karl Marx, Othering Male At Berkeley, the Left devours its own.
2016 1/28 5:57 PM Huck’s Cornpone Politics It drives me crazy and will never work.
Huck vs. Women Swearing His sexist comments were an embarrassment.
POTUS 1/29 10:00 AM Negotiating with Terrorists Nothing new for this president.
Sports 1/28 8:00 PM A Winning Legacy How Bud Selig made baseball better.
The Left 1/29 4:00 AM Liberals and the Court What was their real Hobby Lobby objection?
Life 1/29 4:00 AM Policing Itself Beware studies funded by Planned Parenthood.
The U.S. & the World 1/29 4:00 AM Land of the ‘Mostly Free’ The U.S. is the Earth’s twelfth-freest economy.
Race 1/28 5:00 PM #DetailsMatter The cop who stopped Tahj Blow was black.
Regulation 1/29 4:00 AM Real Middle-Class Economics We need regulatory relief.
Energy 1/28 12:00 PM Caribou Tears Arctic wildlife: pawns of energy radicals.
Big Government 1/28 2:40 PM Walking While Young Is giving your kids an old-fashioned childhood criminal?
The Middle East 1/28 3:50 PM Hezbollah Hits Israel The terrorist group took a big gamble.
POTUS 1/28 12:00 AM Obama the Sentimentalist He’s oblivious to the costs of his idealism.
Climate 1/27 3:30 PM Apocalypse Soonish Redux A blizzard of dodgy predictions
2016 1/27 5:16 PM GOP 2016 Rundown Who really counts as a top-tier candidate?
Impromptus 1/28 12:00 AM Oscar agonies, &c. Jay Nordlinger on a “race row,” a Capitol plot, the GOP, Biden, and more.
Islam & the West 1/28 4:00 AM The Abbey and Charlie Hebdo Or, how not to confront jihadist Islam.
SOTU 1/28 4:00 AM The Appalling SOTU Obama and the zenith of claptrap.
The Cuba Logic If Obama wants to abandon policies with 50 years of failure, a few more ideas.
The Real State of the Union Dishonesty and deception in the SOTU.
Politics 1/27 6:00 PM Big-Money Democratic Donors They easily outspend the demonized Kochs.
Higher Ed 1/27 4:37 PM Don’t Call Students ‘Mr.’ CUNY says it’s maybe discriminatory.
Privacy 1/27 3:08 PM Driving While Watched DOJ wants to track your car.
Education 1/28 12:00 AM Test-Resistance Movement Opt out of the standardized-exam racket.
Life 1/28 4:00 AM Cosmo and Abortion Want to work at Planned Parenthood? Don't.
Civil Liberties 1/28 4:00 AM How Not to Fight Terrorism Ted Cruz has a bad, unconstitutional bill.
Iran 1/28 4:00 AM Enact the Iran Sanctions Bill It gives America the leverage it needs.
Life 1/27 12:30 PM Hidden Costs of Surrogacy For the birth mother and her child, they’re steep.
Islam & the West 1/27 4:09 PM Al Jazeera Hits Delete Network bans use of terms such as “terrorist,” “Islamist,” and “jihad.”
Foreign Policy 1/27 4:00 AM Empire Builder Obama He is abetting five new empires.
2016 1/26 6:09 PM Palin’s Self-Parody Her recent performance is disqualifying.
Culture Watch 1/27 5:30 PM Judging Miss Universe Feminists find new ways to find the pageant sexist.
Political Culture 1/29 3:00 PM A Mandatory Lifestyle There will be no vaping, thank you.
Law Enforcement 1/29 4:00 AM De Blasio vs. the NYPD The NYC mayor has lost the police’s trust.
Higher Ed 1/29 2:54 PM A Sisterly Dictatorship? New edict about UVA from national sororities upsets basically everyone.
The Middle East 1/29 12:00 AM Can Israel Survive? Its predicament looks increasingly dire.
Culture Watch 1/29 5:46 PM Shaming Gluten-Free Hipsters A NASCAR Superbowl ad gives offense.
Congress 1/29 8:16 PM Krauthammer’s Take Republicans should ignore Obama’s budget.
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