POTUS 11/23 6:30 PM Lincoln, or Schoolyard Bully? Time to rewrite Schoolhouse Rock.
POTUS 11/22 4:00 AM My Way or My Way Obama’s reckless ultimatum to Congress
Television 11/22 2:56 PM Lost Cos Why does a brand-new Bill Cosby bio contain not one word about a nine-year-old scandal?
Religion 11/24 12:00 AM Serving, in Thanksgiving More than a day . . . a way of life.
History 11/22 8:00 PM Rockefeller Remembered Be grateful Goldwater beat him in ’64.
The Sunday Shows 11/23 10:48 AM Obama Defends Action Claims he’s not setting precedent for future presidents.
The Obama Amnesty 11/21 3:45 PM Congress Bows Out It happily abdicates its constitutional role.
How Our Democracy Works We must return balance to our system.
Obama Quotes the Bible His ways are not mysterious.
What about the Brainiacs? Obama’s failure to address the high-skilled visa problem is a huge mistake.
Ferguson 11/22 4:00 AM Preparing for a Storm Gun sales in Ferguson skyrocket.
The Left 11/22 12:00 AM The De Blasio Democrats Extreme and contemptuous of public opinion.
Defense 11/22 4:00 AM War & Money Why Congress should declare war on ISIS.
Iran 11/22 4:00 AM Don’t Extend the Iran Talks And don’t settle for a weak agreement.
Race 11/21 9:46 AM Tensions Mount in Ferguson Protesters aren't waiting for grand jury.
Health Care 11/21 12:00 AM Gruber and Obama’s Big Lie Dems never won the health-care debate.
Foreign Policy 11/21 3:19 PM The IAEA Is Impotent An Iran deal can’t rely on them.
Don’t Contain Iran We may already be conceding the bomb.
Religion 11/21 1:42 PM Extraordinary Ecumenicism What I saw at Rome’s latest meeting on the family.
Climate Debate 11/20 8:00 PM The Climate-Pact Swindle U.S. to China: Check back in 16 years.
Big Government 11/20 5:00 PM Ad Nauseam A subway poster exemplifies gov’t mendacity.
Immigration 11/21 12:00 AM For High-Skill Immigration Properly done, it’s a winner all around.
Ebola 11/21 12:00 AM Yet Another Amnesty Obama’s “temporary” Ebola amnesty
Israel 11/21 12:00 AM Two-State Solution Is Dead Even the Israeli Left has cooled to the idea.
Movies 11/20 1:11 PM Mockhanger You won't want to watch as the latest Hunger Games picture goes off a cliff.
POTUS 11/23 4:00 AM Small Man in a Big Office Barack Obama, litigator of the picayune
The Obama Amnesty 11/24 4:00 AM No Deal at All “It’s not a tax,” immigration edition.
On ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’ Some pressing questions for Obama’s fans.
Alinsky Does Amnesty The president cares about power, not the law.
Congress 11/24 4:00 AM Keep Sessions as Chairman His leadership on the Budget Committee has been exceptional.
At War 11/24 4:00 AM Afghanistan: Signs of Courage Is Obama learning from his Iraq errors?
Europe 11/24 11:27 AM A Very French Surrender Frenchman quits ISIS because he can’t handle the group’s smoking ban.
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