The Ferguson Shooting 8/21 3:45 PM The ‘Peacemakers’ . . . Have a long history of inciting racial hatred.
Political Correctness 8/21 3:31 PM Ice, Ice, Baby! Politically correct morons throw cold water on ice bucket challenge.
Movies 8/21 4:18 PM Neo-Noir, Same Old Merde Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is the perfectly wrong film at this moment of social chaos.
The Law 8/21 4:00 AM Why I Sued the President West Virginia’s AG steps up.
Political Correctness 8/20 5:06 PM No More ‘Bullet’ Time College eliminates all violence on Earth by renaming its student paper.
Culture Watch 8/19 5:44 PM Swift Racial Offense Rapper argues Taylor Swift’s new dance moves are “harmful.”
The Ferguson Shooting 8/21 12:00 AM The Media and the Mob In Ferguson, politics is undermining law.
Economics 8/21 4:00 AM How to Do Disaster Recovery Emotion and money are not enough.
The Ferguson Shooting Officer-Friendly Missouri gun store owners say the anti-cop trend is a crock.
Economics 8/21 4:00 AM Abusing IP Rights ​Crack down on state-sponsored patent trolls.
Family 8/21 4:00 AM Marriage-Minded Decisions What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.
Israel 8/20 4:00 AM Sherman in Gaza The IDF has been eerily Shermanesque.
The Ferguson Shooting 8/20 5:30 PM Bias in Ferguson The solution is not to introduce more of it.
The Race to Be Wrong In Ferguson, a familiar spectacle unfolds.
No Peace, No Justice Disorder in Ferguson feeds tyranny.
The Blame for Ferguson It doesn’t rest with “all of us.”
Six Shots The number means little.
Ferguson Feeding Frenzy The narcissists and hucksters converge.
Ethics 8/20 4:00 AM Corruption in Cleveland An anti-poverty bureaucrat faces charges.
The Middle East 8/20 6:45 AM ISIS’s Face of Evil James Foley’s death should bring clarity.
Poverty 8/20 4:00 AM Less Welfare, More Charity A hand up, not a hand out.
Political Culture 8/20 12:00 AM Atheist Absurdities How the Navy defended religious freedom
Racism 8/19 12:42 PM Black People Love Us! Liberal journalist: Make judges “prove” they have minority friends.
Economics 8/19 4:00 AM How Not to Help The checkered history of the Workforce Investment Act.
Green Energy 8/19 4:00 AM Dead-Bird ‘Steamers’ in Calif. 28,000 corpses at one solar plant.
Rick Perry 8/19 12:00 AM Free Rick Perry This case is mind-bogglingly stupid.
Israel 8/19 4:00 AM Blockading Port of Oakland To end Israeli “apartheid.”
2014 Elections 8/19 11:00 AM Tsunami Watch The midterm GOP wave is in doubt.
2014 8/19 12:00 AM Nowhere in Sight Why won’t Hillary campaign for Dems?
2014 8/19 4:00 AM A Missile-Defense Hero Alaska needs Mead Treadwell in the Senate.
Health Insurance 8/19 4:00 AM Fix the Tax Exclusion 60 years of misguided subsidies is enough.
History 8/19 12:56 AM Augustus and Shakespeare Of the first emperor and Kenneth Branagh.
The Middle East 8/18 4:05 PM ‘Convert or Die’ Christians and others are being wiped out.
Rick Perry 8/17 9:00 PM Perry’s Indictment Kay Bailey Hutchison faced the same attack.
Keep Austin Corrupt? Democrats indicting Perry indict themselves.
Perry Still Looks Strong Despite a phony Democratic indictment.
Politics as Combat Raw power is all that matters now.
Malicious Prosecution The Perry indictment is absurd.
Immigration 8/18 12:18 PM Immigration Fool’s Gold Do we really need more skilled workers?
Movies 8/18 10:53 AM Re-Gifter Conservatives should not fall for Hollywood's pseudo-rebellion in The Giver.
Sports 8/17 4:00 AM The Media and NASCAR Their bias is showing.
The Obama Administration 8/21 2:57 PM GAO: Obama Broke the Law Berghdal swap violated “clear and unambiguous” law.
2016 8/21 2:00 PM Rand’s Foreign Campaign Stop Why a likely presidential bid took him to Guatemala.
War on Terror 8/21 1:24 PM ISIS May Already Be Here Perry warns border too open to terrorists.
Ferguson Missouri 8/21 5:37 PM Failures In Ferguson Police, press and protesters all made things worse in Missouri.
The Ferguson Shooting 8/21 12:00 AM Fanning the Flames In Ferguson, opportunists incite unrest.
Big Government 8/20 8:00 PM The Cupcake Postulate Why Americans are fed up with government
The Middle East 8/20 5:00 PM Beheading for the Cause It has a long and gruesome history.
Free Kurdistan! It would help both the Kurds and us.​
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