Speech 4/17 8:00 PM The New Enemies Lists Persecuting donors for their beliefs.
Big Government 4/16 6:48 PM Bundy’s Lessons He’s wrong, but BLM needs a wake-up call.
The Rule of the Lawless Tortoise borders vs. national borders.
Russia & Ukraine 4/17 11:27 AM Taking Names in Ukraine Pro-Russian militants are “registering” Jews.
Immigration 4/17 12:00 AM Vox on the ‘Deporter-in-Chief’ A tale of distortions and deceptions.
Big Government 4/17 4:00 AM Blame Washington The dawn of American corporate welfare.
Economics 4/17 4:00 AM Who Needs the Ex-Im Bank? It’s crony capitalism distilled.
Islam & the West 4/17 4:00 AM Al-Qaeda’s Media Savvy Three takeaways from its latest video
Budget 4/17 4:00 AM Who Shrank the Deficit? Thank the tea partiers.​
People 4/17 4:00 AM R.I.P. Reid Buckley A class act.
In Memoriam 4/17 4:00 AM Ave Ava Reid Buckley remembers actress Ava Gardner
The Economy 4/16 7:01 PM Dead Bleats The foreclosure “crisis” is over, but nobody wants you to know it.
Russia & Ukraine 4/17 4:00 AM Ukraine’s Animal Victims In the upheaval, zoo animals are left to starve.
Nature 4/17 4:00 AM Springtime Thoughts Hope, and a raccoon family.
Big Government 4/16 12:18 PM Brushfire Is a new Sagebrush Rebellion brewing?
Health Care 4/16 4:35 PM Obamacare Numbers Game Census Bureau flap is less than it appears.
Academic Freedom 4/16 2:50 PM War On Condi Rampage against the former secretary of state spreads to U. Minn.
Russia & Ukraine 4/16 1:00 PM Putin’s Propaganda An information war is raging.
Russia & Ukraine 4/16 5:00 AM Ukraine and the West The U.S. must defeat Putin’s revanchism.
Big Government 4/15 4:00 PM The Case for a Little Sedition Remember: Government is not our master.
Big Government 4/15 1:17 PM Urban vs. Rural America We may see more Bundy Ranch moments.
Political Culture 4/16 12:00 AM Holder’s Hypocrisy Who’s the one really using “dog whistles”?
Television 4/15 7:53 PM Fans Get Mad There’s no pleasing TV highbrows.
Movies 4/15 2:55 PM Captain ‘America’ Nick Fury, we hardly knew ye.
Taxation 4/16 12:00 PM Tax Day Don’t let class warfare trump facts.
Immigration 4/16 4:00 AM Immigration Helps the Left Legal immigrants support liberal policies.
Political Culture 4/16 12:00 AM Recovering Exceptionalism It’s not too late to reclaim our values.
Economics 4/16 4:00 AM Saving Mr. Bank On the unsung wonders of compounding.
Impromptus 4/16 12:00 AM Blown Out, Part II Jay Nordlinger on ‘the overamplification of American life.’
Health Care 4/16 4:00 AM The Fog of Obamacare No good data from the Census, either.
Political Culture 4/15 4:00 AM Progressive Insurance How to be politically incorrect and safe.
The Left 4/15 12:00 AM What the Left Did Last Week Diary of an ongoing civil war.
Economics 4/15 8:40 AM Tax Day in Charts We redistribute more than Europe.
Immigration Reform 4/17 12:00 AM The Real Reactionaries Identity politics trumps immigration reform.
Politics 4/16 8:00 PM A Nation Divided There’s a lot at stake.
Human Rights 4/17 4:00 AM North Korea Horrors Exposed No more excuses for averting our eyes.
Obamacare 4/17 3:29 PM Republican Killers Florida woman was killed by the GOP, leftwing commentators claim.
Russia & Ukraine 4/17 4:40 PM The Real Anti-Semites Events suggest it’s the Russia sympathizers.
Movies 4/17 5:01 PM Trans-SCHMENDENCE! Depp vehicle is to sci-fi what Noah was to the Bible.

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