2014 10/25 8:00 PM Done In by John Doe Why Scott Walker may not win
Culture Watch 10/25 4:00 AM Cleaning Up the NFL Aren’t they ashamed of themselves?
The Obama Administration 10/23 8:00 PM Our Bystander President He watches the world like it’s a bad movie.
Culture Watch 10/24 12:00 AM The Power of Narrative It’s what drives ideological debates.
Terrorism 10/24 4:00 AM Canada Responds Its homegrown terrorist threat is real.
The Traitors Who Join ISIS We have laws against treason. Let’s use them.
Ferguson 10/24 12:00 AM Faux ‘Civil-Rights’ Victims Michael Brown joins a long, sad list.
Education 10/24 4:00 AM Eliminate College Sports And, in the process, much academic fraud.
2014 10/24 12:58 PM Cuomo’s Double Cross Accusing his GOP foe of running a racist county . . . while the gov lives there.
POTUS 10/24 12:00 AM Obama, Silent About attacks on our troops on our soil
Life 10/24 11:16 AM Panhandling for Abortions Texas woman is raising money to build a vagina statue, fund abortions.
Movies 10/23 7:00 PM The Paranoid and the Visionary Citizenfour’s bias and Resnais’s profundity
2014 10/24 12:00 AM Holding On to the House All the math favors Republicans.
Voter Fraud 10/24 9:53 AM No Ballot Shortage in Colorado Universal mail-in voting is a disaster.
Energy 10/23 4:00 PM A Fracking Trojan Horse Two Calif. counties could end most drilling.
Voter ID 10/24 12:00 AM The Poll Tax That Wasn’t A valid ID is a necessity of modern life.
2014 10/23 1:56 PM Hypocrisy in Georgia How Michelle Nunn’s latest attack ad backfires.
Health Care 10/23 12:30 PM Reestimating Obamacare It will probably increase future deficits.
Big Government 10/23 4:00 AM Meet the New Serfs: You Accountability is for the little people.
Foreign Policy 10/23 1:15 AM Rand Paul’s Non-Isolationism A look at his speech.
The Left 10/22 4:26 PM Palin the Piñata Why is her family fair game?
Culture Watch 10/23 4:00 AM Berkeley Taps Bill Maher He’​ll speak at the ultra-PC school.
2014 10/23 10:30 AM The FEC on the Campaign Trail A Democratic commissioner’s talking points.
It’s All About Turnout To maximize its gains, the GOP must GOTV.
Culture Watch 10/23 12:18 PM Gender-Free Cooking An Aussie deli sells “genderless” gingerbread cookies.
Culture Watch 10/22 6:33 PM Fired Over Racist Fruit Watermelon scandal gets high-school football coach sacked.
2014 10/23 4:00 AM Cory Gardner’​s Perfect Game He’s even winning over the media.
The Obama Administration 10/23 12:00 AM America’s October Worries The threats facing us today are largely self-created.
Culture Watch 10/23 10:00 AM Games about Games The politicization of games, and everything.
Economy 10/22 6:14 PM Communism for Kids The march of the New Marxists goes on, now with children's literature.
2014 10/23 4:00 AM It’s the Economy, Stupid Obama’s record is hurting Democrats.
2014 10/22 8:00 PM Majority Leader McConnell? He would restore the Senate’s dignity.
Civil Rights 10/22 2:00 PM Stickup in Atlantic City N.J. plays Monopoly with an AC man’s home.
The Right 10/23 4:00 AM Youth Is the Key for the GOP Millennial candidates can make a difference.
Ebola 10/23 4:00 AM Prepare for Bioweapons Our response to Ebola shows we’re vulnerable.
Life 10/23 4:00 AM Saluting Young Pro-Lifers As The Human Life Review turns 40.
▶  SENATE  •  CO
Gardner +2
▶  SENATE  •  NH
Shaheen +3
Terrorism 10/25 4:00 AM The Lone-Wolf Canard Move along, no terrorism to see here.
2014 10/24 3:26 PM Dems in Disarray This year, it’s the other side gushing gaffes.
The Ferguson Shooting 10/25 4:00 AM The Ferguson Collapse Evidence discredits the progressive narrative.
The Middle East 10/25 12:00 AM The Poison Tree We must recognize jihad for what it is.
2014 10/24 6:00 PM The Optimistic GOP Story Everyone Is Missing Obama’s head will spin from the new conservative agenda.
Sports 10/25 4:00 AM Missing the World Series The MLB Finals are a lackluster substitute.
Culture Watch 10/24 12:21 PM ‘F-Bombs for Feminism’ T-shirt company makes little girls curse at camera.

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