Culture Watch 10/30 12:00 AM Our Make-It-Up World Do bothersome facts matter anymore?
2014 10/29 4:00 PM Still Battling Cuomo Rob Astorino, fighting the good fight.
Education 10/29 12:54 PM District Caves on ‘Purple Penguins’ A gender-neutral training document will be tossed out.
Impromptus 10/30 12:00 AM Oslo Journal, Part IV Jay Nordlinger on hopes for Ukraine, comic books for the Middle East, and more.
The Middle East 10/30 4:00 AM Get Tough with Turkey Stop supporting terrorism, or get out of NATO.
The Budget 10/30 12:00 AM Spending: Our Grave Disease When you’re in a hole, stop digging.​
Culture Watch 10/29 4:00 AM Pathetic Privilege The coming of age of Lena Dunham
Speech 10/28 5:27 PM Maher-ophobia at Berkeley Why are liberal students so afraid of Bill Maher?
2014 10/29 4:00 AM A Senate to Come A GOP senate couldn’t do much before 2017.
The FBI’s Curious Disclosure The feds waited till this week to say they’re investigating a GOP candidate.
Take the Hard Votes D.C. needs to stop the procedural nonsense.
That Other Republican Wave A by-the-numbers look at the House.
Are You My Supporter? Murkowski to Begich: “No means no”
A Republican Congress? It won’t be revolutionary, but it matters.
2014 10/29 12:00 AM Up in Flames The self-immolation of Wendy Davis
Feminism 10/28 3:30 PM Yay! Gender-Neutral Underwear But there are models for “men” and “women.”
The Federal Bureaucracy 10/28 2:00 PM Dysfunctional Judges The SSA puts their interests first.
Education 10/28 4:30 PM Good Teachers, Good Pay . . . And fewer bureaucrats, for good results.
Political Culture 10/28 4:00 AM Plutocratic Populism Pays Ripping the rich while raking it in.
Life 10/28 4:00 AM Shiny, Empty Uteruses Katha Pollitt’s abortion dream.
Politics 10/28 12:00 AM The Voter-ID Myth Crashes Yes, non-citizens are registered to vote.
2014 10/28 3:30 PM Cosmo Carts Co-Eds to Polls A party bus full of male models will bring N.C. college students to vote.
Culture Watch 10/28 4:00 AM Dante and Domestic Violence The damage done by a false accusation.
Political Correctness 10/28 1:17 PM Bill’s Berkeley Barbs Guess who might be disinvited by the East Bay's PC palace?
Culture Watch 10/28 12:00 AM Heed the Round Mound of Rebound Charles Barkley on “acting white”
2014 10/27 3:45 PM Desperate Dems Go Racial Looking at a tough Election Day, they try incendiary racial fliers.
The Economy 10/28 4:00 AM Work for Food Stamps If you’re able-bodied, it’s only right.
Ronald Reagan 10/28 12:00 AM A Most Consequential Speech Why “A Time for Choosing” still matters.
The People’s Choice Americans can pick hope and strength, again.
Choosing Wisely What Reagan’s speech means today.
The IRS Scandal 10/28 4:00 AM A Tea-Party Loss in Court But the fight continues.
The World 10/28 4:00 AM Putin Loses in Ukraine No Communists in the next Parliament.
The Left 10/28 12:00 AM Bad for America, Good for Dems The Left’s destructive bent
Political Culture 10/28 12:00 AM Dems Flee Obama in Vain Their voting record speaks for itself
The Islamic State 10/27 3:00 PM The Storm of Karbala Beware the Day of Ashura.
2014 10/26 6:00 PM New Hampshire’s Hawk Scott Brown gets tough.
▶  SENATE  •  IA
Ernst +4
Davis +3
Parody 10/29 3:46 PM Cory’s World The real NARAL Cory Gardner ad, in full.
Economics 10/29 2:00 PM Shine on Your Shoes The case for a $100 shoeshine.
2014 10/29 8:00 PM Georgia’s Free-Market Man Will the state’s voters embrace David Perdue?
The Left 10/29 5:30 PM Some Greens Branch Out Now they’re funding pro-abortion ads.
Big Government 10/30 4:00 AM Hold the Phone Putting government property to personal use.
Ebola 10/29 2:51 PM Kaci Hickox’s Selfishness The Ebola nurse’s flipside to American generosity.
Music 10/29 4:02 PM On Our Bachs Feminists and media fall for a bogus theory that advances sisterhood by libeling two famous women.

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