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Harris-Perry: Islam As Relevant to Bombers’ Motivations as Ben Affleck Movies


On her MSNBC show yesterday, Melissa Harris-Perry argued that the Tsarnaev brothers’ Muslim faith is inconsequential — or at least, only as significant to their motivations as, say, the violent movies produced by Ben Affleck set in the city of Boston.

“I keep wondering,” Harris-Perry mused, “is it possible that there would ever be a discussion like, ‘Oh, this is because of Ben Affleck and the connection between Boston and movies about violence?’ Of course, the answer is no. Of course no one will ever think it’s about those things.”

Harris-Perry recently came under fire for her assertion, in an MSNBC advertisement, that children should be reared by their communities rather than by their parents and that society should do away with its “private notion” of child rearing. 


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