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Catholic University Hosts Drag Show


So this happened . . .

SAN DIEGO – The University of San Diego – a large, private Catholic college – hosted a drag show in its campus theater Thursday night, prompting a protest by students and local residents who called the event an aberration to Catholicism’s values, while others on campus defended the performance.

“A drag show is not consistent with Catholic teaching,” student protestor and sophomore Ailsa Tirado, 20, said in an interview with The College Fix. “Why call yourself a Catholic school? It’s in direct contradiction with explicit Catholic moral teaching.”

Tirado said more than 4,000 students across the nation signed a petition against “Celebration of Gender Expression – Supreme Drag Superstar 2,” which was organized by PRIDE, the college’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer student-support group…

It’s the second consecutive year the university has hosted the show. Posters advertising the event that peppered the campus boasted bright, glossy red lips and a Vegas-inspired font, an image that looked starkly out of place next to statues of the Virgin Mary and ornate white buildings adorned with large crosses.

The performance starred Manila Luzon, described on his personal website as an “Asian Glamasaurus” drag queen…

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