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We’re Painfully in Need of a Plan B


In Albany on Tuesday, advocates for Governor Cuomo’s extreme abortion-expansion proposal visited legislative offices to pass out pieces of actual broken records.

When it comes to Plan B, the broken record keeps playing. According to the Huffington Post, “‘Research has shown that access to emergency-contraceptive products has the potential to further decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies in the United States,’ said FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg in a statement.” There’s only one problem: That’s not what the research shows.

As I have pointed out before, even some of the most ardent advocates for universal distribution of emergency contraception, such as James Trussell of Princeton, admit that increased access to emergency contraception will have no population effect on the rate of unintended pregnancy. To quote the esteemed doctor, “But it is unlikely that expanding access will have a major impact on reducing the rate of unintended pregnancy, primarily because the incidence of unprotected intercourse is so high, ECPs are only moderately effective, and ECPs are not used often enough.”

The FDA decision to expand access to Plan B to 15-year-old girls is all about politics, or maybe about religion, if you accept that the radical sexualityism of the Left is more a religious creed than anything else. The fact is that reproductive politics in the U.S. has gone completely haywire, as is clear from the situation in New York, where Governor Cuomo is advocating for removing all restrictions from third-trimester abortions and allowing non-physicians to perform abortions. New York is a place where the majority of registered voters identify as pro-choice, but that doesn’t keep them from having enough sense to see that expanding abortion is not what’s needed in the state that leads the nation, and therefore much of the world, with it’s mind-boggling abortion rate.

The simple fact is that in America the pro-abortion Left needs all fights over reproductive drugs and procedures to be framed as a “war on women” because their actual agenda of the complete emancipation of children from their parents and abortion on demand and without apology is desired by such a small sliver of the public that they would get nowhere without the hefty load of rhetorical schlock they bring to every such debate.

— Greg Pfundstein is president of the Chiaroscuro Foundation.


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