No Joke: Humor Can Help Conservatives Reach the Youth

by Nathan Harden

In today’s feature story at The College Fix, Haley Littleton of Colorado Christian University says that sometimes a little humor can go a long way toward making a serious political argument:

When Republican activist Caleb Bonham wanted to spread the news about an upcoming conservative conference in Colorado, he headed to CU Boulder with a pen, poster board and video camera and convinced many students to sign a big (and fake) thank you card to President Obama for targeting conservatives through the IRS.

The video of that undertaking – which included references to the Western Conservative Summit conference he aimed to promote – quickly went viral, garnering tens of thousands of views online within a few short days.

What Bonham understood was that reaching the hearts and minds of young people isn’t about talking at them, it’s about making them chuckle – and think – all at the same time…

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