The Ferguson Shooting 8/23 4:00 AM Eric Holder, Racial Profiler The color of Darren Wilson’s skin is his only evidence.
The Middle East 8/23 4:00 AM The Arab Empire There already is one.
Big Government 8/22 1:30 PM Stubbed Out Cigar enthusiasts protest FDA regs.
Religion 8/23 4:00 AM Islam’s Fatal Lure Belloc saw it early on, in a “clear light.”
The Middle East 8/21 8:00 PM Time to Stop ISIS U.S. air strikes have left it vulnerable.
POTUS 8/22 12:00 AM O’s Boob-Tube Worldview Reality fails to conform to his fantasies.
POTUS 8/22 12:12 AM Obama’s America Where it’s always September 10th.
Health Care 8/22 5:28 PM HHS’s Moral Farce New rules on mandate are a convoluted non-accommodation.
Government Waste 8/22 11:11 AM EPA’s Potty Problem DHS called in to clean up Environmental Protection Agency's office poop plague.
Political Correctness 8/21 3:31 PM Ice, Ice, Baby! Politically correct morons throw cold water on ice bucket challenge.
The Ferguson Shooting 8/22 4:00 AM By Consent Ferguson will not be the end.
Gov. Nixon’s Missouri Muddle How not to win friends or influence people.
The Problem with Facts They don’t always match perceptions.
Ferguson in Context It’s not nearly as daunting as the 1960s riots.
The Temptations of Tribalism Tit-for-tat stories about race are not an answer.
Against the Ferguson Mob It makes peace and justice impossible.
Foreign Policy 8/22 12:00 AM ‘History’ Won’t Defeat ISIS The folly of progressive foreign policy
The U.N. 8/22 4:00 AM The Grotesque Gaza Inquiry Syria and Iran are pointing fingers at Israel.
Crime 8/22 12:00 AM The Low-Profile Jihadist Meet Ali Muhammad Brown.
Rick Perry 8/22 12:00 AM Beyond Bizarre in Texas The abuse of power there is prosecutorial.
The Obama Administration 8/21 2:57 PM GAO: Obama Broke the Law Berghdal swap violated “clear and unambiguous” law.
2016 8/21 2:00 PM Rand’s Foreign Campaign Stop Why a likely presidential bid took him to Guatemala.
Big Government 8/20 8:00 PM The Cupcake Postulate Why Americans are fed up with government
Immigration 8/21 7:16 PM Amnesty for a Felon No prison, no deportation for an illegal immigrant guilty of two felony homicides.
Movies 8/21 4:18 PM Neo-Noir, Same Old Merde Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is the perfectly wrong film at this moment of social chaos.
The Middle East 8/20 5:00 PM Beheading for the Cause It has a long and gruesome history.
Free Kurdistan! It would help both the Kurds and us.​
The Law 8/21 4:00 AM Why I Sued the President West Virginia’s AG steps up.
Political Correctness 8/20 5:06 PM No More ‘Bullet’ Time College eliminates all violence on Earth by renaming its student paper.
Culture Watch 8/19 5:44 PM Swift Racial Offense Rapper argues Taylor Swift’s new dance moves are “harmful.”
Economics 8/21 4:00 AM How to Do Disaster Recovery Emotion and money are not enough.
Economics 8/21 4:00 AM Abusing IP Rights ​Crack down on state-sponsored patent trolls.
Family 8/21 4:00 AM Marriage-Minded Decisions What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.
Israel 8/20 4:00 AM Sherman in Gaza The IDF has been eerily Shermanesque.
War on Terror 8/22 6:00 PM Barbarism Endures You can’t wish away human nature.
POTUS 8/23 12:00 AM The Endless Vacation Obama’s leisurely second term
Life 8/23 4:00 AM Surprised by Joy A response to Dawkins on Down syndrome.
2014 8/22 5:00 PM The Obama Bank Shakedown Behind in the polls, he’s rekindling class warfare against banks, corporations, and rich people.
Racism 8/22 7:19 PM Persian Prejudice? Iranian-American judge claims DOJ discriminated against her over her heritage.
The Obama Administration 8/22 1:30 PM Too Much Information WH leak undermines Special Forces.
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