Brad DeLong Kindly Suggests That I Am ‘the Stupidest Man Alive’

by Reihan Salam

Here is the link.

Let me put it this way: I am an adult who doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle, despite many earnest attempts to learn how. And I’ve lost more than my share of umbrellas. Unlike my very smart sisters, I had a hard time reading as a kid and I was definitely not the best student. So there is plenty of evidence that I am indeed “the stupidest man alive.” That might be why I believe that the DREAM Act is built on a shaky foundation.

One thing I like to stress in this space is that I don’t have all or indeed any of the answers. Rather, I see my job as raising questions, and letting all of you be the judge of what does or doesn’t add up. 

And let me use this opportunity to once again recommend The End of Influence by Brad DeLong and Stephen S. Cohen. It is a really insightful book, and you’ll learn more from it than a whole passel of other books covering the same terrain. 

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