A Programming Note

by Reihan Salam

On rare occasions, I’ll see a comment like this one:


I can’t believe that this much ridiculous special treatment of women is discussed on the formerly conservative National Review.

This proves that a Republican will support any and all leftism that can be packaged as ‘chivalry’.

National Review is a big tent. A large number of people have contributed to the magazine and to NRO and I’m just one of them. I am a conservative, but I’m also of the view that exposing people to potentially new, unfamiliar, uncongenial, and perhaps even offensive ideas isn’t akin to exposing them to, say, some kind of deadly pollutant. That is, my working assumption is that my readers are adults who don’t suffer from sensibilities so exquisitely delicate that even the slightest exposure to, say, a link to a “modest proposal” by two economists (known for their free market views) featured on VoxEU will give them the shakes. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry to say that you’re going to have to update your bookmarks or find some way to fiddle with your browser to block this URL. 

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