The Daily Video Interview: My Conversation with Mina Kimes ... About Harold and Kumar

by Reihan Salam

I had the very good fortune of getting to talk to Mina Kimes of Fortune about how young people invest, or rather how they don’t invest:

P.S. A friend of mine, economist Allison Schrager, who writes for The Economist’s Free Exchange blog under the name “A.S.,” adds the following observation:

I really enjoyed your Harold and Kumar analogy. It really resonated with me. Though it is not only about wealth accumulation (and investing in the stock market), but more Harold’s investment in his human capital. He’s developed the skills necessary to earn a living in a high paying industry (versus eroding his human capital from smoking lots of pot)–that’s far more valuable than his stock portfolio and says a lot about the current and future global economy.

This is an excellent point.

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