Stray Links for 7 November 2012

by Reihan Salam

Still processing the result. Just saw a good friend, who has devoted most of his waking hours to the Romney campaign in recent months, and we had a long debrief.

But for now, 

(a) Virginia Postrel makes the case for offering the birth control pill over-the-counter;

(b) Josh Barro on the success of the same-sex marriage referendum campaigns;

(c) Michael Mandel makes the best possible case for the Affordable Care Act, a law that I continue to think will prove counterproductive;

(d) Gujarat is India’s freest state, but it doesn’t have very stiff competition; 

(e) Rick Hess on the genuinely tragic (to my mind) defeat of Indiana schools chief Tony Bennett;

(f) Ramesh Ponnuru’s very sound post-election thoughts;

(g) Matthew O’Brien on the decline of geographical mobility in the U.S.;

(h) Megan McArdle’s silver linings;

(i) Peter Orszag games out the lame duck session;

(j) John Couriel, a friend I’ve admired for well over a decade, was defeated in a state senate race in Florida yesterday, but I hope and expect he will run again.

As a famous Republican once said, I’ll be back. Like, later today. 

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