Dylan Matthews Interviews Ruy Teixeira

by Reihan Salam

Dylan Matthews has an interview with Ruy Teixeira, co-author of The Emerging Democratic Majority, over at Wonkblog. Back in September, Ruy co-authored a report with John Halpin, “The Path to 270 Revisited,” which neatly anticipated the results of the presidential election. I strongly recommend taking a look at the report. 

I had the good fortune of serving on a panel occasioned by the release of the report, and I’ll admit that I was cranky amidst the Democratic triumphalism at the offices of the Center for American Progress. The panel took place shortly after the release of Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments, and my spirits were at a low ebb. After the events of early October, I had assumed that the direction of the race had really changed, and perhaps I was right. But it certainly does seem as though Teixeira and Halpin were right to emphasize the central importance of the composition of the electorate, and the weak Republican performance among rapidly growing constituencies.

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