My Latest Column: Which Threats?

by Reihan Salam

My latest column for Reuters Opinion is on the evolving national security landscape. Though I don’t say it explicitly, I suggest that Pakistan’s collapse is a bigger national security threat to the U.S. than a nuclear-armed Iran, though the latter would absolutely make the world a substantially more dangerous place. The heart of the column, however, is the last half, which focuses on the central importance of human capital policy and draws heavily on the work of Tim Kane, author of the forthcoming Bleeding Talent, a book I hope to revisit. 

There is another issue that I didn’t address in the piece in large part because it was already rather long for a column: one form of fiscal stimulus that Republicans may well embrace would be the recapitalization of the U.S. military, a policy that has been embraced by Martin Feldstein and Mitt Romney, among others, and that would make a great deal of sense given the burdens we’ve placed on the military post-9/11.

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