My Latest Column: Rubio’s Opportunity

by Reihan Salam

In keeping with a recent theme, my latest Reuters Opinion column is on Sen. Marco Rubio’s effort to build a new conservative domestic policy agenda around facilitating upward mobility. The conclusion of Rubio’s recent speech to the Jack Kemp Foundation represents the clearest distillation yet of his emerging brand of one-nation conservatism, and a sharp rebuke to the critique of the 47 percent:

All they want is a chance to earn a better life for themselves and a better future for their children. Whether they get that chance or not, will determine whether America remains exceptional or declines.  

But it all starts with our people. In the kitchens of our hotels. In the landscaping crews that work in our neighborhoods. In the late night janitorial shifts that clean our offices. There you will find the dreams America was built on. There you will find the promise of tomorrow.  

Their journey is our nation’s destiny. And if they can give their children what our parents gave us, 21st century America will be the single greatest nation that man has ever known.

I stress in the piece that Rubio has much more work to do to give his agenda intellectual heft and credibility, but his speech is an excellent start.

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