Stray Links for 13 February 2013

by Reihan Salam

1. Keith Hennessey writes on America’s lost decade and the president’s call for an increase in the federal minimum wage. My next column, incidentally, will be on the minimum wage, so brace yourselves … for a sober and necessarily incomplete discussion of some of the relevant issues.

2. Paul Romer is writing a series of posts on the city as a unit of analysis that promises to be very awesome.

3. Giovanni Peri offers non-insane guidelines for comprehensive immigration reform.

4. Eileen Norcross reflects on how the valuation of public pension liabilities encourages plans to increase their exposure to higher risk investments, which sounds like an absolute disaster in the making, and I’m a congenital optimist. 

5. Dylan Matthews opens a recent post on a very pro-pre-K-investment note, yet that raises important questions and doubts as you proceed. I’d have gone with a different headline, but that’s just me. Elsewhere, he offers notes on how to think about a minimum wage increase.

6. Andrew P. Kelly writes on how President Obama buried his real higher education news in the footnotes of SOTU.

7. Will Wilkinson weighs in on pre-K as well, emphasizing that the efficacy of pre-K seems to depend to a large degree on the efficacy of K-3 education.

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