Let’s Debate

by Reihan Salam

One of the great pleasures of writing this blog has been receiving emails from readers, many of which offer trenchant criticisms of my sense of where conservative policymakers should be going on a wide variety of issues. In a recent Slate dialogue with Sam Tanenhaus, I laid out my broad view.

The historical reality I have in mind is that we’re living in straitened economic circumstances, that we face an unemployment crisis that might last a decade or more, and that American workers don’t have the skills they need to flourish. Over the past decade, spending by state governments has increased at a rate of 6 percent a year, far outstripping economic growth. This is not sustainable. What I want most from the political right is a commitment to truth-telling: In the next few years, we will have to cut spending and raise taxes across all levels of government. In normal times, this isn’t a winning political formula, but it might be in a crisis. And a crisis is exactly where the retreat from responsibility, which I see as a phenomenon of the right but also of the left and center, is leading us.

I imagine a lot of you disagree with this, and I’d love to discuss this and other issues at greater length. So please join me today at noon Eastern Standard Time at the Washington Post. Hostile and friendly questions are equally welcome.

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