Leaving Abortion in Texas
One clinic worker’s escape.


LOPEZ: You’ve written that “I was a Christian but abortion was not at the top of my list of concerns. I thought it was not a great option but really depended upon the woman’s situation.” Do you engage with people now who are in the same boat –who believe that it might not be a great option but who are they to stand in a woman’s way by working toward restrictions on abortion?

EDGE: Since my exit from the abortion industry, I see things very differently and for what they really are. A life is life no matter what. I do not condone abortion no matter what the situation. I am 100 percent pro-life. I try to share my story with people who consider themselves pro-choice. I think they need to know what they are really supporting. I look forward to being an influence to those abortion-clinic workers to choose to leave. I pray many more will come forward and not fall victim to the horrors inside those clinic walls.


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