Undefining Marriage
What’s gender got to do with it?



LOPEZ: How is defending traditional marriage a conservative cause?

MAINWARING: I disagree with the premise of the question. I actually do not think that defending traditional marriage is a conservative cause. It’s simply a Main Street, commonsense cause. Ten or 20 years ago, the notion of genderless marriage seemed laughably implausible to most people. The fact is, it remains an implausible notion — an implausible notion with a terrific PR team.

To oppose genderless marriage is very mainstream, very normal, very human. It is not homophobic and does not stem from hatred, bigotry, or lack of sophistication or education. It is simply a matter of stating the obvious. Like Newton’s law of gravity, natural law can’t be defied or ignored for long. The consequences are staggering. Wiley Coyote is able to resist gravity for a few yards as he speeds off the edge of a cliff, but gravity always wins and sends him plummeting to the canyon floor below. American society has now gone over the edge as same-sex marriage continues to advance through legislative, judicial, and executive fiat, as well as through some recent wins at the ballot box, but soon the forward momentum will cease, and the cause will be in free fall.

LOPEZ: What do you think the future of marriage is?

MAINWARING: I have high hopes for the future of marriage. While we are clearly in troubling times, the relentless push for genderless marriage will eventually ignite a more intense debate on the topic.

LOPEZ: You’ve worked with churches, including the Catholic Church, in trying to fight gay marriage. Do you worry about their religious freedom in the years to come?

MAINWARING: I think there is a movement afoot to end religious liberty. After all, religion, like strong families, is a bulwark that protects individuals against government invasiveness.

Political correctness serves as the radical Left’s indictment against religious liberty. I’ve always stuck to purely secular arguments when speaking about my opposition to genderless marriage because as I waded into the national conversation, it quickly became obvious that those who relied on either religion or tradition were immediately dismissed and treated as unserious, if not vilified. Political correctness seeks to silence all opposition to the advancement of progressive ideals. It is a powerful weapon, adroitly wielded by radical progressives to protect the fragile narrative about the goodness of their ideology and actions. Through it they suppress free speech, intellectual curiosity, and, yes, debate. They know that if people are free to speak truthfully, the progressive narrative would quickly crumble.

— Kathryn Jean Lopez is editor at large of  National Review Online.