Strange bedfellows, &c.

John Conyers and Justin Amash


Yesterday, I was reading about an anti-NSA bill in the U.S. House — a bill to quash the program of the National Security Agency that has caused controversy in recent weeks. The bill’s co-sponsors were two Michigan politicians. One of them is a young libertarian, Justin Amash, and the other is an old lefty, John Conyers.

I was tempted to call Conyers an “old Red,” but some people are squeamish about that. I don’t think Conyers would mind, frankly.

Anyway, this pairing is a sign of our strange political times.

So is the composition of the Edward Snowden Fan Club. The club includes leftists, of course, but it also includes right-leaners of my acquaintance. Does Julian Assange, who seems to be Snowden’s guide, have fans on the right? Probably, but not that I have noticed, actually.

In a recent column, I quoted Norman Tebbit, on the NSA matter. He mentioned one liberty: “not being blown up by a terrorist.” He speaks with some experience.

He was in the hotel when those Northern Irish lovelies tried to blow up Mrs. Thatcher. They killed five others, and injured more than 30. One of them was Tebbit; worse injured was his wife, who was left paralyzed. When Tebbit — Norman Tebbit (later Lord Tebbit) — was taken to the hospital, he was asked whether he was allergic to anything. Yes, he said: “Bombs.”

I swear, the guy is one of my favorite people.

The headline read, “UN chief says over 100,000 people killed in Syria.” (Article here.) I had a memory — of how shocked I was when the death toll reached 10,000. Or maybe merely neared it, I don’t know. Syria is not that big a country.

So, the Greek Nazis are singing the “Horst Wessel Song.” (You can read about it here.) They are singing a Greek version, apparently. Still, can’t they come up with their own songs? With new or genuinely Greek material?

What, are they going to copy the uniforms too, or the mustache?

I got a kick out of the Hezbollah chief, Nasrallah. The European Union has placed Hezbollah’s “military wing” on a terror list. Because the rest of Hezbollah, of course, is entirely peaceable.

Anyway, Nasrallah is fairly forgiving of the Europeans. He looks on them more with pity than with indignation. According to this dispatch, he said, “I did not feel for one moment that this was a sovereign European decision, but rather one that was dictated to them. Europe was not convinced, but has capitulated.” To whom or to what? To “American and Israeli wishes.”


Did you see this? “Financial news publisher Forbes says it’s apologizing to Ireland’s president for inaccurately describing him as gay in an online article.”

Why is Forbes apologizing, actually? Are they a bunch of bigots? Are they saying something’s wrong with being gay? I mean, they don’t fall all over themselves if they have described someone who’s from Kansas City, Kansas, as being from Kansas City, Missouri. Right?

Does Justice Kennedy know about this outrageous display of homophobia?

I’ll tell you something else about the Forbes article. It said that the Irish prez was an “acknowledged homosexual.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the word “homosexual” declared verboten a few months ago, by the New York Times or someone?

Forbes may have some more apologizing to do.

In Germany, they’re teaching the young’uns that climate change is caused by man — not by mankind, not by people in general, but by men, as opposed to women. Read about it here. Men like to drive cars and eat steaks; women eat fruits and vegetables and walk, or something. So, men are causing the planet to fry.

“You’ve got to be carefully taught,” wrote Oscar Hammerstein.

“U.S. Border Patrol Deporting Illegal Alien with 37 Criminal Convictions in USA.” That was the headline over this article. I’m thinking, “Just 37 convictions? Deportation is a little hasty, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we let it get above 50? What kind of monsters have we become? Is this still America? Are we not a welcoming nation, a nation of immigrants?”

A little sarcasm goes a long way, I know (and I’m way over my quota for today).


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