The IRS Caresses the Left, Hammers the Right
Data deepen suspicions that the IRS is the latest weapon in the Left’s arsenal.


Deroy Murdock

The IRS’s targeting continues today, as a separate Ways and Means probe discovered. An IRS agent whom the committee interviewed on August 1 told staff investigators that a tax-exempt application from a tea-party group would be subject to additional scrutiny.

According to an MSNBC story on this matter, the IRS agent said, “At this point, I would send it to secondary screening, political advocacy.”

The committee investigator asked, “So, you would treat a tea-party group as a political-advocacy case, even if there was no evidence of political activity on the application. Is that right?”

The IRS agent replied: “Based on my current manager’s direction, uh-huh.”

“It is outrageous that IRS management continues to target tea-party cases without any justification,” Chairman Camp stated. “The harassment, abuse, and delays these Americans have faced over the last few years has been unwarranted, unprovoked, and, at times, possibly illegal. The fact that the IRS still continues to treat the Tea Party differently and subject them to additional targeting is outrageous, and it must stop immediately.”


The IRS also scrutinized liberals far more lightly than they did conservatives. Ways and Means found that the IRS asked these leftist groups 4.7 questions, on average, while righties typically faced 14.9 queries. Conservatives complain that the IRS inappropriately demanded their donors’ lists, reports on books they were reading, whether applicants’ relatives planned to run for office, and even descriptions of their prayers.



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