The IRS Caresses the Left, Hammers the Right
Data deepen suspicions that the IRS is the latest weapon in the Left’s arsenal.


Deroy Murdock

Among the seven liberal groups that Ways and Means examined, IRS authorized 100 percent of their proposals. Among conservatives, the IRS approved only 46 percent.

Consequently, zero liberal groups in this sample await an IRS decision. In contrast, 56 conservative outfits either still wonder whether the IRS will accept their submissions or simply have given up.

When the committee released this information on July 30, it did not name the groups it studied. However, the American Center for Law and Justice details how long conservative clubs have watched the IRS sit on their paperwork. ACLJ is suing the IRS on behalf of 41 such entities. Some faced unusually long intervals before their documents were approved (e.g., 30 months for Virginia’s Richmond Tea Party and 32 months for Colorado’s Four Corners Liberty Restoration Group). Others remain in limbo, amid IRS inaction. Consider, as of August 6, a 39-month ongoing wait for Michigan’s Unite in Action, 41 months for California’s PECAN (Patriots Educating Concerned Americans Now), and 43 months for New Mexico’s Albuquerque Tea Party.

“There’s supposed to be a criminal investigation,” ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson on yesterday morning’s Fox & Friends. “This is good as of today: Not one of our clients has been contacted in this so-called FBI investigation.” That’s right. As the IRS scandal hits its three-month mark, among the 41 conservative groups represented by ACLJ, the FBI has questioned precisely zero of them about their treatment at the hands of the IRS.

It is incredibly easy for Obama & Co. to claim that there is no evidence of IRS malfeasance in this case, when the administration’s chief investigative body refuses to seek any such evidence. Thus, with their hands squeezed over their firmly shut eyes, Obama and his loyalists confidently announce: “There’s nothing to see here.”

Beyond FBI agents,  the other dogs that have not barked are the leftist groups that may have waited endlessly for IRS rulings or been asked about their contributors, reading material, or prayer habits. If, say, Occupy Palm Beach, Americans for Higher Taxes, or Spend It All — NOW! had shared their IRS horror stories, this would be no scandal.

So, where are the IRS’s liberal victims? Are they staying mum while this controversy poaches Team Obama in increasingly hot water? Or — could it be? — maybe the IRS has no leftist victims, since it barely targeted and never persecuted such groups.

Couple this information with revelations that confidential IRS records illegally got leaked to the Federal Election Commission and apparently to opponents of the National Organization for Marriage and 2010 senatorial nominee Christine O’Donnell (R., Del.). A frightful portrait emerges of a thoroughly politicized federal agency that repeatedly abuses its police powers to the benefit of Obama and his comrades on the left and to the detriment of their rivals on the right.

This is far from “phony” and close to authoritarian.

UPDATE: This article has been revised since its original publication.

— Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor, a nationally syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service, and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University.


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