More Ugly Mascots
Sports teams’ nicknames and iconography reinforce derogatory stereotypes.

Pittsburgh Pirates mascot



The Scots: The Scots have also borne the brunt of one-sided characterization in the college and high-school ranks, stereotyped Braveheart-style as ruthless, belligerent, stabby, unkempt, and kilt-clad.

Fighting Scots: Edinboro University, Pa.

Scots: Alma College, Mich.

Highlanders: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Argylls: Madison-Grant High School, Fairmount, Ind.

Other Europeans: A variety of northern European nicknames project a war-fighting nature (and peroxide-blond hair) upon entire citizenries and nationalities.

Dutchmen: Union College, New York

Norse: Northern Kentucky University

Swedes (formerly Terrible Swedes): Bethany College, Kan.

Britons: Albion College, Mich.


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