More Ugly Mascots
Sports teams’ nicknames and iconography reinforce derogatory stereotypes.

Pittsburgh Pirates mascot



Whitefaces: Putting aside that it refers to the breed of cattle, the name has the potential to make a white athlete at Texas’s Hereford High School uncomfortable.

Violence- and Criminal-Based Nicknames: Are we to believe that bandits and criminals have no soft side? And should plunder and mayhem be stereotypically associated with one race?

Brooks Bandits (Alberta Junior Hockey League)

Criminals (Yuma Union High School, Ariz.)

Pittsburgh Pirates

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Corsairs (University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth, Mass.)

Bradenton Marauders (minor-league baseball)

Maniacs: Idaho’s Orofino High School depicts maniacs in the worst possible light. The school is apparently unaware of the wonders wrought by the rise of psychotropic drugs. 

— Andrew Johnson is an editorial associate at National Review.

Editor’s Note: This article has been amended since its initial posting.


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