Thirty Obamacare Fails
Across the country, the law’s new online marketplaces have hit major snags.

Error screen on the website.



16. Insurance Broker Compares Obamacare Exchanges to the DMV, IRS
After a tumultuous first day for the marketplace rollout, the CEO of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America told Fox News that many agents have been suggesting clients delay enrolling in the exchanges. Brokers and agents aren’t pleased with the system, he said, and have privately told him that “if you like dealing with the DMW and IRS, you’ll love dealing with Obamacare.”

17. Zero Enroll in Blue Cross Plans on Obamacare’s First Day
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, the state’s largest health-insurance provider, said that not a single person enrolled on the first day in one of the health plans the company offers through the Affordable Care Act. An executive blamed problems with the federal website; the company says it spent $60 million to prepare for the rollout date.

18. Fewer than 100 Enroll in Maryland
In Maryland, where Obama spoke of the law’s benefits just days before the state’s exchange went live, fewer than 100 residents enrolled in a new plan on its second day. Maryland officials estimated that 150,000 people would enroll in the exchange’s first year, and had invested a significant amount of resources in what was supposed to be one of the better state exchanges.

19. Minnesota Delays Launch Hours Before Midnight
MNsure, the state’s online marketplace, announced just hours before the website was supposed to go live that it would be delaying the rollout until later on Tuesday afternoon. The delay came a couple of weeks after a MNsure security breach that released the Social Security numbers and other sensitive information of 2,400 insurance agents in the state who were applying to be “navigators” for the law.

20. Connecticut Enrollment-Center Opening Postponed for Weeks
Connecticut saw more than just digital issues: WVIT in New Britain, Conn., found that Access Health CT’s enrollment center in the town wasn’t ready in time. Construction pushed back the center’s opening by a few weeks.

21. Montana Residents Frustrated by Site
Longtime Montana senator and Obamacare architect Max Baucus made headlines earlier this year when he warned of the “train wreck” the health-care law’s implementation was shaping up to be, and now his state’s residents are feeling a part of it. Users couldn’t get past the first step on the website, the Missoulian reports, and were told to “please wait.”

22. Nevada Holds Back on Ad Campaign to Limit Site Visitors
Aware of glitches ahead of the October 1 start date, Nevada officials postponed advertising its marketplace website in order to limit the number of people visiting the website while they worked to fix the errors.

Obamacare Exchange Glitches
The official launch of Obamacare's health insurance exchanges on October 1 turned into a glitch-ridden affair, causing a scramble for tech support and media spin by backers of the law. Here’s a look at what users encountered. Pictured, the main page at the federal site.
Further embarrassing administration officials were several on-air crashes as newscasters tried to demonstrate the online exchanges. Pictured, MSNBC reporter Mara Schiavocampo stumbled during sign-up, then waited on hold on a support line for 35 minutes before giving up. was beset with a number of issues, from general access problems to database breakdowns that frustrated attempts to set up accounts and peruse rate information.
More broken screens at
Confirming fears about security of personal information, screens meant to establish security questions on user accounts to verify identity were not providing valid question and answer options.
Those who braved the online tech support were met with long wait times. Whether the delays were caused by simultaneous traffic or deeper software problems remains unclear.
Federal officials reported that 2.8 million visitors access the federal site, with some 81,000 contacting call centers and 60,000 requesting live support chats. Pictured, live-chat window at
Administration officials tweeted apologies for the technical issues early on Tuesday, but users reported continuing problems throughout the day.
Those states that set up their own exchanges also experienced a range of launch-day glitches. Pictured, problems at Colorado's exchange prompted this note from administrators.
Database error code seen at the Colorado exchange.
Apology message at the Kentucky exchange.
Error screen at New York's exchange site. Another user tweeted: “Logged onto the New York State healthcare exchange, got this: ‘Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException’ (@marykissel)
“Cover Oregon, the insurance exchange, won’t be ready to process enrollment on schedule tomorrow. (@jjcooper)
“#ObamaCare exchanges open today and #WA State’s website isn’t even working. Precursor to the complications to come. (@cathymomorris)
The mobile site for California’s exchange was not allowing user access.
Updated: Oct. 01, 2013



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