Abortion Hurts
Walking with women, saving lives and our cultural soul.



LOPEZ: “From the moment of conception to the last breath taken naturally, the dignity of human life cannot be compromised.” Is the death penalty no different in your mind? And what about “mercy killing”?

LASTMAN: I am not in favor of the death penalty. I cannot fight for the life of a pre-born child and then agree to the killing of a person who has made a mess of his or her life. Pope John Paul II, in Evangelium Vitae, said “Not even a murderer loses his personal dignity.” There should be justice done, of course, but state-ordered murder of an adult is similar to the crime of  the perpetrator. As for “mercy killing,” or what we call euthanasia, what “mercy” is there to agree to the intentional death of someone because they are difficult, elderly, sick, or even overstayed their welcome? Where is the mercy? We can send man to the moon and other planets, but we cannot bring ourselves to alleviate pain so that death is not desired?



LOPEZ: What is the “pseudo cavalier” behavior of society toward the woman who has had an abortion?

LASTMAN: “You made the decision to abort. Get on with it. Grow up. It was the best decision you made for this time in your life. You can have another baby; this wasn’t the right time.” These comments seem well meaning but are sharp, unfeeling, and insensitive.

LOPEZ: You write that “the fact that it is a legal procedure creates the impression that it is also acceptable, or worse still, that it is good.” Should the law be a teacher? Can it be again?

LASTMAN: The law is always meant to be a teacher. It’s meant to be a guide and to “direct” for the good of all. However, that the law is written by humans who are swayed by prevailing winds and thoughts and ideas is a reality. All laws, I believe, have written within them nuances of the Ten Commandments. However, modern minds believe that these Ten Words of the Law are no longer valid for our time and so laws are enacted which no longer resemble the good of all but resemble the will of the most moneyed and the most demanding lobby groups.

LOPEZ: What do you mean when you say that we need to bring about a change from Eve to Mary?

LASTMAN: Eve said “no.” Mary said “Fiat” — “yes.” We need for every woman to recognize her most magnificent design, that is, to hold the future in her hands. She has lost that vision and bought into a lie that her value is best served as an economic producer rather than future creator.

LOPEZ: Are you forever lost if you’re post-abortive and do not have religious faith?

LASTMAN: I would not say that you are forever lost. God has written His law on all hearts, religious and non-religious. (“I have written my laws on your hearts. You are my people, and I am your God,” Jeremiah 31:31–33.) The law is written, and in due course, He Himself will awaken in the woman. He created the law written on her heart. In her freedom, which He respects, she is free to respond to His voice.


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