When Liberalism Fails
When reality stops cooperating with the Left, someone must get the blame.

He knows he's right.


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Okay, back to Zoë (her twitter handle is @zoezoetweets, by the way). She has been having the time of her life. First of all, there are dead things all over the place. She brought me the nearly-whole carcass of a rabbit our first day here. The campus is covered in squirrels (and deer poop, which she seems to think is like the spice mélange from the Dune novels), and early in the morning, I take her to the quad where she forces the squirrels to retreat to their leafy lairs. The first time I did it though, something dismaying happened. Everything was fine until Zoë was “attacked” by the utterly immobile statue of Ronald Reagan. It took her by surprise, I guess, and she started barking at it wildly. It dawned on me to my dismay that I might have a yellow-dog Democrat on my hands. But, the good news is that she lay down by the statue of Margaret Thatcher. So I am hoping that she was barking at the Reagan statue for some lesser reason, like she was telling him “You should have gotten behind Bork’s nomination better.” In fact, it kind of sounded like she was saying “Bork! Bork!”

(“You will burn for a thousand eternities for that” — The Couch).

Speaking of Zoë, this is her admiring herself in our Cuyahoga Falls hotel room last Saturday night. (She’s so vain, I bet she thinks that tweet is about her).

This is a fun catch (again by Sonny Bunch). The media reported that Hillary Clinton — whose very name, like my own, is synonymous with “catlike reflexes” — had “dodged” a shoe thrown at her. Bunch points out that she did no such thing (nor should she be criticized for not dodging it). I don’t expect reporters to say “Hillary Clinton instinctively cowered from shoe like it was the unavoidable truth about Benghazi.” But, as the guy who was hit by a Ford pickup truck told the police, that was no Dodge.

Charles Murray’s new book has come out at a great time for me, given that I need to give my students advice. Here’s some excellent curmudgeonly wisdom. He will be having a book event at AEI on April 17, btw.

What could go wrong? The dress that turns transparent when the wearer is aroused.

Now this is a great lede. “It started when a honeybee flew up Michael Smith’s shorts and stung him in the testicles.”

Seems about right: What the ‘perfect’ man or women looks like to men and women.

The prophecy is true! Half goat, half sheep born in Ireland

Monster rat caught in China.

That country disappearing in your rearview mirror? Yeah that’s France, which just banned work email after 6:00 PM.

Speaking of hunting heretics, Florida atheist man attacks his roommate with a butter knife because he thinks he’s Jesus.

The San Francisco cow of the 21st century.

Batman’s most brutal murders!

Movies that don’t end with the credits.

The tax implications of the zombie apocalypse and other Debby links!


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