Terry Richardson’s War on Women
An industry full of liberals winks at the pervy shutterbug’s fashionable misogyny.



Another model came forward Monday with allegations of sexual misconduct by celebrated fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Model Emma Appleton tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook message that endearingly reads, “If I can [expletive] you, I will book you in NY in a shoot for Vogue.” Richardson’s representative has since stated that the message is from an imposter and that Appleton herself has said that it is possible that the message could have come from a Facebook user impersonating Richardson.

Vogue has since stated that the magazine has not worked with Richardson since 2010 and has “no plans” to work with him in the future, leading some journalists to hypothesize that this may be the “end” of Terry Richardson.

If you don’t know Terry Richardson’s name, you’ve seen his work. Richardson directed Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” video. Chances are, if you’ve seen a “fashion” photograph that horrified you with its lewd sexuality or the photographer’s seeming disregard for the model’s integrity, then Richardson was probably the photographer. His repertoire includes shots of Lindsay Lohan with a gun in her mouth, the cast of Glee dressed as high-school cheerleaders in suggestive positions, women pretending to be dead or tied up, and a model pretending to fellate a chicken. (Yes, you read that right.) As fashion photographers go, Terry Richardson is about as A-list as it gets. He has directed music videos for Taylor Swift and Beyoncé and shot ad campaigns for Sisley, H&M, and Yves Saint Laurent. Even President Obama has posed for him.


How Richardson has been able to get models into these compromising positions has been a question since at least 2010, when model Rie Rasmussen told the New York Post’s “Page Six” that he “manipulates [young girls] to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them that they will be ashamed of.” She publicly said the same to Richardson at a party in Paris, where he proceeded to run out of the bar and then complain about Rasmussen to her modeling agency the next day.

That same year, model Jamie Peck stated that on a photo shoot, Richardson asked her to remove her tampon and play with it. He also tried to get her to play with his private parts. 

Since then, similar stories have been dribbling out about Richardson’s behavior. Supermodel Liskula has stated that Richardson is a “monster,” saying that he asked her during a shoot to simulate oral sex with a male model, who was not a model at all, just “a man he knew.” She walked out on the shoot. 


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