Castronomically Overhyped
Julian Castro’s star continues to rise — as his city plods along.

San Antonio mayor Julian Castro (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Jim Geraghty

Reports suggest that President Obama will nominate Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, to be the next secretary of Housing and Urban Development — a triumphant promotion for the man who is the Democratic party’s perpetually rising star, in spite of a quite modest record of accomplishments as mayor.

Pundits expected Castro to head to Washington someday, even before he was spotlighted as the keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic convention, after just three years as mayor. The common wisdom on the HUD move is that Castro is headed to Washington to get a bit of federal experience so he can become Hillary Clinton’s running mate


(Chuck Kerr, the artist at Current who created the memorable image above, invites Campaign Spot readers to build their own Castro campaign posters, proudly endorsing Castro for president, governor, senator, mayor, Jedi master, or Top Chef contestant.)

Not long ago, Texas media were seriously touting the possibility that that he, his twin brother, Representative Joaquín Castro, and Wendy Davis were the team that could turn Texas blue.

But with Davis unable to get much traction in polls and national Democrats writing her off, Texas Democrats’ dreams of winning their first statewide race since 1994 still appear to be just that — dreams.