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Conduct unbecoming: Lena Dunham in Girls



There comes a point where the Left’s calumnizing of conservatives, its endless quest to delegitimize ordinary words, and its determination to criminalize religious expression all combine to make me want to offend as many leftists as I can, in response, just for fun. But not only for fun: Deliberately choosing to offend them, and thus trying to shred their ideological straitjackets, is occasionally a necessary endeavor. We on the right must show that we need not cower; we can and must fight back.

In that spirit:

To 50-year-old men, 20-year-old females are indeed “girls.” Not women. Get over it.

If girls act like Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, they are sluts. Anybody with such a fetish for vile exhibitionism, and for public sex, is a slut. The boys whom the show’s main characters consort with, meanwhile — equally exhibitionist, equally casual about sex, and equally without scruples or decency — are scum. Or whatever other word you want to use to negatively characterize them. Even on a show on pay TV, their voyeuristic, shamelessly copulative behavior is intrusively vile.

Oh — and a message to Miss Fluke: Don’t ask us to pay for your activities, either. Sex may be your choice, but it is not our responsibility.

And if Lena Dunham or Sandra Fluke, or Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama, wants to tell us how to live, each one of them, including the girl and the once-badly-concussed older woman, is “bossy,” no matter what the whiners say. And if Obama thinks nobody should question him for being bossy, or indeed question his judgment or performance or (Lord forbid) his character, well, pace Jonathan Chait, Obama is arrogant. And it isn’t racist to say so. (Some of us thought George W. Bush could be arrogant, too.)

It’s also not racist to insist on photo IDs for voting. And it certainly isn’t discriminatory. Ditto for requiring work, education, or training for welfare recipients. Ditto for saying that illegal — repeat, illegal — aliens should not be on the dole.

And yes, I did say “aliens.” That is the precise, and precisely accurate, word for illegal immigrants. We won’t let the language be denuded any further just because somebody’s feelings got hurt. We long ago lost the word “gay.” The Left is now expropriating the word “marriage.” Several years ago, somebody tried to take away the perfectly wonderful “niggardly.” Well, I’m sorry, but they can’t have “alien,” too. And if Barack Obama happens to be miserly, then, well, he is niggardly, too.


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