To Impeach Holder
House Republicans are getting more traction with that idea than impeaching the president himself.

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Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and a group of House lawmakers are building a case for impeaching Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Impeding justice is intolerable and he should not be permitted to refuse the American people a true investigation into the actions of those who used the machinery of government to target, intimate, and silence them for politically driven reasons,” Cruz said during a June 26 floor speech.

Cruz had made such comments before, but this speech was different. He spent 40 minutes laying out the case for Holder’s impeachment — spending the bulk of that time on the IRS scandal, but also citing the Justice Department’s failure to enforce various laws, the department’s Operation Fast and Furious, and Holder’s role in the administration obtaining journalists’ phone records.

Cruz demanded that Holder appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS scandal. “If [Holder] refuses, Senator Cruz will support measures to move forward with his impeachment,” a Cruz aide told NRO.

Representative Paul Gosar (R., Ariz.) raised the idea during a Republican conference meeting Wednesday.

“[Boehner] gave us no hint one way or the other,” he said, though the speaker publicly opposed the impeachment of Obama on the same day.

Gosar said that he had also spoken with House majority leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) and whip Steve Scalise (R., La.) about moving to impeach Holder.

“They have not said that they oppose it,” Gosar said.

A House leadership aide says that the impeach-Holder caucus has “been picking up a lot recently.” Representative Pete Olson (R., Texas) introduced articles of impeachment against Holder in November. As of last week, he had 27 co-sponsors.

It’s not clear how that process would work, according to the leadership aide. “We’ve already held him in contempt,” the aide said. “I’ve seen a lot of Impeach Holder hashtags, I have not seen a lot of detailed [plans].”

Gosar says the process should begin with the House taking a vote of no confidence in Holder, before the August recess (141 lawmakers have co-sponsored his no-confidence resolution).

If, as is nearly certain, Obama were to ignore such a no-confidence vote and refuse to remove Holder during the August recess, then impeachment proceedings would begin in September, according to Gosar’s plan.