The Genocide Libel
In Europe and Latin America, Israel is now accused of genocide.

Protesting Israel in London, July 19, 2014 (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)


Dennis Prager

In order to justify killing Jews, Jew-haters throughout history made up libels about the Jews that were so awful that they justified, at least for the Jew-hater, the mass murder of Jews. The charge that the Jews of every age — not just some Jews at one time — killed God Himself was used by medieval Christians to justify mass murdering of Jews.

Then came another grotesque libel — what is known as the blood libel. Also prevalent in the Middle Ages, this charged Jews with kidnapping Christian children, sacrificing them, and using their blood to bake matzo (the unleavened Passover bread).

Later libels against the Jews included the forgery known as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which purported to prove that Jews plotted to rule the world. 

At this very moment, we are living through as enormous a libel — directed not against all Jews, but against the Jewish state: Israel is committing genocide of Palestinians and is, therefore, morally identical to the Nazi regime.

This libel is spread by left-wing radicals and by Muslims, especially in the Middle East.

Some examples:

On a popular radio show in Italy, that country’s most famous philosopher, Gianni Vattimo, was asked whether he would like to see more Israelis killed. Vattimo responded: “Of course.” He then added that Israel is “a bit worse than the Nazis. . . . I’d like to shoot those bastard Zionists. . . . and [Europeans should raise money] to buy Hamas some more rockets.”

The prime minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, told CNN International, “What Israel does to Palestine and to Gaza right now has surpassed what Hitler did to them. . . . We do not accept this genocide by Israel.”

The foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, announced: “These [Israeli] actions cannot be considered anything other than genocide and crimes against humanity.”

Ilan Pappe, an Israeli leftist who is director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter, wrote an article titled “Israel’s Incremental Genocide in the Gaza Ghetto” on the Electronic Intifada website.

On July 9, when a total of 63 Gaza Palestinians had been killed, Al Arabiya reported that “Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas told a crisis meeting in Ramallah. . . . that Israel is committing ‘genocide’ in Gaza during its military offensive which has so far killed at least 50 Palestinians. ‘It’s genocide by Israel against our Palestinian people.’”

In a column published by Al Jazeera, Abukar Arman, former Somali ambassador to the United States, wrote that “Israel has defeated North Korea for the rogue state par excellence award.”

Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, and Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, labeled Israel’s invasion of Gaza “genocide.” Maduro added that it was “extermination.”

For the record:

Israel attacked Gaza solely in response to hundreds of rockets sent by Hamas to kill as many Israelis as possible.

When Israel gave Gaza over to the Palestinians, it did not embargo essentials such as cement. But none of the millions of tons of cement allowed, or later smuggled, into Gaza were used to build schools or hospitals. They were used to build tunnels to smuggle terrorists into Israel and to hide rockets.

The charter of Hamas calls for the annihilation of Israel.

Israel is the only country in the world targeted for annihilation.

Though Israel is charged with engaging in genocide against Palestinians, in the last 20 years, the number of Palestinians has doubled; and since Israel’s founding in 1948, the Palestinian population has grown fivefold. It must surely rank as the least effective genocide in world history.

While not all Muslims or all leftists seek, or support those who seek, Israel’s destruction, virtually all those who do are either Muslim or on the left.

One left-wing exception is Bill Maher, who told the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles (full disclosure: I am a columnist for that newspaper): “What I find so ironic is that after World War II, everybody said, ‘I don’t understand the Jews. How could they have just gone to their slaughter like that?’ Okay, and then when they fight back: ‘I don’t understand the Jews. Why can’t they just go to their slaughter?’ It’s like, ‘You know what? We did that once. It’s not gonna happen again. You’re just gonna have to get used to the fact that Jews now defend themselves.’”

— Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. His most recent book is Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph. He is the founder of Prager University and may be contacted at

Anti-Israel Protests
As Israeli’s campaign against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip continues, protests against Israel and in support of the Palestinians have broken out in cities around the world in recent days. Here’s a look. Pictured, flames on the streets of Paris in July 19.
While some demonstrations expressed a humanitarian wish to end the fighting, others descended into vituperative denunciations of Israel. Though few of the protests were large, some were marked by violence and demonstrations of anti-Semitism.
FRANCE: A pro-Palestinian demonstration near Paris turned violent as thousands of youths set fire to cars and garbage cans and looted shops in confrontations with police. Other protests were held in more than dozen French cities.
The protest in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles — known as “Little Jerusalem” because of its large Sephardic community — came amid a ban on rallies instituted after a tense clash at two synagogues there earlier in the week.
A rioter flashes a Nazi gesture at police during clashes in Sarcelles.
Some 38 protesters were arrested in the most recent round of clashes.
A more peaceful pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris.
Rallying for Palestine in Lyon, France.
Lyon, France
ENGLAND: An estimated 15,000 anti-Israel demonstrators marched through London holding signs saying things such as, "Stop the Bombing; Free Palestine."
Police control a pro-Palestinian demonstation in London.
GERMANY: Authorities in Berlin ordered pro-Palestinian marchers to cease anti-Semitic chants such as “Gas the Jews.” According to IBT Times, some of the demonstrations were organized by Muslim immigrants and neo-Nazi groups.
Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told IBT Times: "Jews are once again openly threatened in Germany and sometimes attacked, synagogues are being defaced and declared as targets." Pictured, a call to arms in Frankfurt.
The visage of Yassir Arafat in a Berlin crowd.
A young protester holds a sign in Frankfurt
ITALY: Reuters reports a crowd of around 11,000 marched in Vienna through the city streets and to the official presidential residence.
More views of Venice
NETHERLANDS: Approximately 3,000 people staged a peaceful protest calling for an end to the Gaza operation, according to NBC News. Retuers reports signs reading “Israel War Criminals” were seen among the crowds. This banner reads: "Sound the Alarm. Stop the War."
More protesters march in Amsterdam.
UNITED STATES: A line of protesters in Los Angeles, Calif.
Protest signs in Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
CHILE: A sign labels Israel a terrorist state in Santiago.
CANADA: Hundreds of Palestinian-Canadians and their supporters demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy in Ottawa. Elsewhere in Calgary, a rally of nearly 1,000 demonstrators broke down into violent clashes.
GREECE: Burning an Israeli flag in Athens.
SPAIN: Pro-Palestinian marchers display banners in Malaga.
ROMANIA: Showing support for Palestine in Sofia.
AUSTRALIA: A mock funeral in Sydney.
Waving Palestinian flags at town hall in Sydney.
SOUTH AFRICA: In Johannesburg, protesters demanded the explusion of the Israeli ambassador.
INDIA: Protesters in Srinagar, the capital of Indian Kashmir near Pakistan.
Ahmanababad, India
Mumbai, India
Pattani, Thailand
MUSLIM WORLD: No surprisingly, pro-Palestinian demonstrations were seen across the Muslim world, in the Middle East and elsewhere. Pictured, a young protester in Beirut, Lebanon.
Rabat, Morocco
Rabat, Morocco
Protesters burn an effigy of the Israeli flag in Amman, Jordan.
A protester mocks U.S. support for Israel outside the U.S. embassy near Beirut.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tunis, Tunisia
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Updated: Jul. 23, 2014