Fiorina Describes Impact of Losing Her Stepdaughter to Drug Addiction

by Tom S. Elliott

‘Life is ... measured in love and moments of grace and positive contribution’

In an interview from the campaign trail with John Roberts, Carly Fiorina described how losing her stepdaughter, Lori Fiorina, colored her outlook on life.

In 2009, Lori died at 34 from a drug overdose. On Fox News Sunday, she emotionally recalled a poem Lori had written her: 

ROBERTS: As she told me about a poem that Lori wrote to her, Fiorina showed a side of her persona that the public has likely never seen before.
FIORINA: It says basically, I don’t tell you enough I love you. And that’s the thing, you know — when you lose someone, you realize you never say it enough.
ROBERTS: It’s a perspective that keeps Fiorina grounded, through the inevitable highs and lows of the campaign, the compliments, and criticism, the adulation, and insults.
FIORINA: Life is not measured in time. It’s not measured in success or wealth or all these things we think it’s measured in. It’s measured in love and moments of grace and positive contribution.

Tom S. Elliott is the founder and editor of Grabien.