Biden: GOP Candidates ‘Beating Hispanics’

by Brendan Bordelon

Joe Biden accused Republican presidential candidates of “beating Hispanics” during a fundraiser Tuesday night, mounting another attack on his possible GOP opponents as he inches closer to declaring a bid for the Democratic nomination.

The vice president made the remarks in a surprise appearance at a fundraiser for the Latino Victory Fund’s PAC, where he spoke to a small crowd of Hispanic activists. In a video first obtained by CNN, he described a Hispanic heritage event he’d held at the vice presidential residence last month. The attendees, he explained, seemed demoralized by the anti-Latino rhetoric emanating from Republican presidential candidates — particularly Donald Trump.

“People walked in like, literally down,” he said, “because of the beating, the beating Hispanics are taking at the hands of the Republican caucus — I mean the Republican presidential race.”

“People are depressed,” Biden said. “And the message I have for you guys is, these guys don’t remotely speak for America. The American people are so much better. They are so far beyond. . . .  They are so, so, so much different than these guys who are appealing to everything from homophobia to this notion of the . . . Know-Nothing Party of the late 1800s.”

Biden has taken more shots at the Republican presidential contenders as speculation over his own White House run increases. During his speech at an event hosted by the gay-advocacy group Human Rights Campaign in DC on Saturday, he said that, “There are still homophobes left. Most of them are running for president, I think.”

And the vice president has long had a knack for launching passionate, if perhaps unfounded, attacks on his political rivals. “They’re going to put y’all back in chains!” he told a predominately African-American audience during a 2012 presidential rally, during a speech on financial regulatory reform.

— Brendan Bordelon is a political reporter for National Review.