Montage: Twenty-Five Times Hillary Blamed ‘Security Professionals’ for Benghazi Attack

by Tom S. Elliott

'I was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions.'

If there’s one thing Hillary Clinton wants Americans to know after watching Thursday’s Benghazi hearing, it’s that if you’re upset about the four Americans who died in the 2012 terror attack, don’t blame her.

Blame “security professionals.”

More than two dozen times over the course of Thursday’s marathon hearing, the former secretary of State deflected blame for inadequate security, insisting these decisions were out of her hands.

“We knew what [Chris Stevens] was asking for,” Clinton said. “Those requests went to the security professionals.”

Clinton couched her blame in praise — “99 percent of the time they get it right” — but nonetheless took no responsibility for the role that inadequate security played in the terror attack.

During her opening remarks, Clinton said, “I took responsibility’ for the Benghazi tragedy.” Toward the end of the hearing, she clarified: “I was responsible for quite a bit. . . . I was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions.”