Another One Bites the Dust
Zarqawi's death is an important milestone in the broader war on Islamofascism.


Deroy Murdock

A piece in London’s Sunday Telegraph traces the bizarre contours of Islamic extremism. Amid Baghdad’s 122-degree temperatures, Sunni fundamentalists have declared a “war on ice.”

Because the Prophet Mohammed had no ice cubes, neither should today’s Iraqis, Sunni totalitarians declared as they threatened ice merchants with death. Al-Dora ice dealer Akram al-Zidawi, 19, shrugged off these warnings.

“Two weeks ago he came back home saying he had been threatened by terrorists,” al-Zidawi’s brother, Gassan, told the Telegraph. “My mother begged him to quit the job, but he laughed. He thought it was impossible they would kill him. But they came back two days later and shot him dead, along with three other ice sellers nearby.”

Falafel dealers also have enraged Islamists.

“They came telling us, ‘You have 14 days to end this job.’ I asked them what was the problem,’’ Abu Zeinab, 32, said on June 3 as he permanently shuttered his al-Dora stand.

“I said I was just feeding the people, but they said there were no falafels in Mohammed the Prophet’s time, so we shouldn’t have them either. I felt like telling them there were no Kalashnikovs in Mohammed’s time either, but I wanted to keep my life.’’

Sunni fanatics recently promised to murder those who wear goatees, which they consider a Jewish fashion. The goatee of Mustapha Jawad, 17, cost him his life. Local zealots prohibit mayonnaise, which they believe is Israeli. They forbid women from riding buses with men or driving cars. They also ban T-shirts with English slogans, as well as shorts.

“Wearing shorts by youth is prohibited because it violates the principles of Islamic religion when showing forbidden parts of the body,” read a leaflet distributed in Baghdad’s Sunni-dominated Saidiyah and Ghazaliyah districts, the AP’s Kim Gamel reported May 28. Four days earlier, extremist murderers killed an Iraqi tennis coach and two of his players for wearing shorts.

Near Baquba, meanwhile, radicals stopped three minibuses on June 4. From among 23 passengers, they spared four Sunnis. The others, including Turkomans and Kurds, were segregated, and then fatally shot. These 19 victims of Islamofascism were high-school and college kids traveling to final exams.

Last Tuesday, the BBC reports, authorities in Baquba found nine severed heads in a box. Nearby, eight other chopped-off heads wound up in banana crates on June 3.

Despite everything America and our allies have endured in Iraq, those who demand an immediate troop withdrawal seem blithely unconcerned that a Coalition retreat would leave Iraq’s fledgling, democratically elected government to these barbarians’ mercy. While Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government finally includes defense, interior, and national-security ministers, they will need Coalition forces to help expunge this philosophical cancer, once and for all.

Americans cannot comfort ourselves in the notion that Islamofascism is limited to Iraq. The arrests of 17 alleged militant Muslims in Toronto unraveled what Canadian officials call an elaborate plot to use thrice the explosive power of Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City fertilizer bomb to demolish the landmark CN Tower, Canadian intelligence headquarters, and other targets. These men also reportedly planned to attack Canada’s legislature, kidnap parliamentarians, and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Police say these men were in contact with Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, two Atlanta Muslims now in custody.

“The Atlanta guys were talking about attacking aviation towers in the hopes it would cause planes to crash into each other,” a senior FBI agent said in the June 6 Wall Street Journal. “They were also talking about hitting refiners and were talking about ordering supplies.”

Beyond Americans and Canadians, officials believe this conspiracy involves at least 18 others in Bangladesh, Bosnia, Denmark, England, and Sweden.

British police Tuesday night arrested American Syed Hashmi, 26, of Flushing, Queens, New York at London’s Heathrow Airport, en route to Pakistan, allegedly to assist al Qaeda operatives there. Federal prosecutor Laura Rosefield told the Associated Press that Hashmi was captured carrying “a large amount of cash.”

Scotland Yard also has been busy sweeping up deadly Muslims around England. They seemingly disrupted a plot to unleash deadly sarin nerve gas on the London Underground.

Since Zarqawi expired, news of terrorist arrests has accelerated at a dizzying pace. Swiss authorities detained seven North Africans associated with the al Qaeda-linked Salafist Group for Call and Combat. These suspects allegedly planned to shoot down an El Al jet over Geneva, a peaceful city within a neutral country that has bothered no one in centuries. These terror suspects couldn’t care less.

“Those who were arrested in Switzerland maintained contact with similar cells in France and Spain, which were likewise smashed,” Swiss authorities stated. In connection with this case, French officials nabbed six suspected Muslim extremists while a Spanish judge on Thursday jailed Algerian Salah Edinne Barkoun, yet another alleged Islamic killer.

And in New Zealand, authorities announced Saturday that they deported to Saudi Arabia on May 30 a Yemeni named Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali. This one-time leader of Phoenix’s Islamic Cultural Center was a former roommate of Hani Hanjour, the 9/11 hijacker who helped smash American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

“He was directly associated with persons responsible for the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001,” said Immigration Minister David Cunliffe. “He’d previously trained as a pilot in the United States,” specifically the same Arizona flight school that Hanjour attended. Cunliffe added: “He [Rayed Ali] was building up his flying hours flying with an instructor.”

Islamofascism is an active, energetic, global menace, not some paranoid fantasy haunting George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. May their leadership — plus the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance, and the waterboarding of terrorists overseas — soon throw this throbbing tumor into remission.

Deroy Murdock is a New York-based columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a senior fellow with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in Arlington, Va.