W.’s Creeping Kerryism
Sometimes Bush's righties act like lefties.


Deroy Murdock

“TSA’s defiance of Bush Administration policy carried the day in this case,” says National Right to Work Foundation spokesman Stefan Gleason. “If the TSA specifically had objected, this national-security threat never would have emerged. Still, NLRB had all the necessary information to do the right thing, and it refused.”

As airports increasingly hire private contractors to screen baggage and passengers for bombs and box cutters, the TSA’s dithering and the NLRB’s freelancing have hastened the day when such unionized employees could arrange sick-outs, illegal strikes, or endless labor grievances that distract from their mission: to keep jumbo jets terror-free.

The U.S. Agency for International Development gave Gaza’s Islamic University $140,000 in 2005-2006, mainly for scholarships. Unlike other aid recipients, grantees need not pledge to avoid terrorist activity. Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin launched Islamic University in 1978. Sixteen of its instructors are Hamas parliamentarians. Hamas’ prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, is an Islamic University trustee.

AID last year gave $2.3 million to the West Bank’s Al-Quds University. Just as American schools host College Democrat and College Republican clubs, Al-Quds boasts campus chapters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In January, Al-Quds staged a weeklong celebration of Yahyah Ayyash, “the shahid [martyr] engineer” who, in the 1990s, invented the suicide belt and trained Islamofascist bomb makers.

According to a local newspaper translated by Palestinian Media Watch, Al Quds administrator Yusuf Dhiyab opened the festivities by discussing “the mark that the shahids left on the history of the Palestinian nation and how they succeeded in uniting the nation.”

“Providing U.S. assistance to a terrorist-controlled university in Gaza was out of the question and, in fact, violates U.S. law,” Rep. Tom Lantos (D., California) said at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing last month. “This outrageous support for terrorism must and will end.”

Perhaps Washington bureaucrats sail away as President Bush remains unaware his administration implements these policies. Yes, he is focused on the War on Terror’s Iraqi battlefield. Still, if Bush ran a tight ship — or if bureaucrats applied his principles or feared his wrath — officials might avoid this mischief. With Bush’s popularity, philosophical compass, and lax accountability standards all conspiring against limited government, federal functionaries appear to navigate as they please.

Not surprisingly, things go astray in a $2.74 trillion government. Of course, as Heritage Foundation scholar Brian Riedl notes in Federal Spending – By The Numbers, the national budget was a mere $1.86 trillion when Bush and the GOP Congress converged in 2001. After just six years, Republicans at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue inflated this ever-expanding vessel by 47.3 percent. No wonder the ship of state lists from starboard to port.


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