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Interview with a vampire. (Well, he has been known to work the vampire shift…)


Earlier this month, as Fred Thompson was continuing to effectively tease us with his web work — part of his totally new-media, budding presidential campaign – Andrew Breitbart got in on the action. Fred Thompson was’s launch when the former Tennessee senator submitted to a video interview with veteran TV journalist Scott Baker.

No doubt Andrew Breitbart went with Thompson for the good of the country — but also for the perfect beginning to his latest endeavor. Already the publisher of the news-and-opinion resource and a longtime web mover (as one of the creative geniuses behind what the Drudge Report looks like when you check in at all hours, for instance), Andrew Breitbart continues, with the introduction of, to take advantage of all the multimedia options the world wide web makes available to everyone with a computer and a connection.

And so, knowing his last NRO Q&A was a classic for the history books, NRO Editor Kathryn Lopez went back for seconds, querying Breitbart about this new new-media opportunity he’s latched onto.

Kathryn Jean Lopez: So dude, when do you start making campaign commercials for Fred Thompson? Breitbart TV looks a little like Fred TV so far.

Andrew Breitbart: We were roommates in college.


What is the excitement about Fred about, do you think?

People want a cinematic presence in their lives to rouse them from our post 9/11 paralysis and division. They want someone who can speak around the mainstream media and to motivate us to be one again. Like Reagan.

Are there any more Fred Thompson types out there in Hollywood? Will they ever drown out the political sound of Laurie Davids of the Left Coast?

Breitbart: Our mutual friend Allen Covert is the only Reaganesque figure waiting in the wings in Hollywood. I go to his IMDB page twice a day for inspiration. That he sees the genius in Nick Swardson is reason enough to elect him to the highest office in the land.

Laurie David recently wrote about how the devastating tornado in Greensburg, Kansas was a direct result of global warming. I hope she soon reviews The Wizard of Oz at the HuffPo.

Lopez: Sounds like a job for Greg Gutfeld if Greg Gutfeld weren’t so busy being a late-night TV phenom.

Speaking of TV: What are your goals for and

I would like for them to grow up to attend Ivy League universities and then become active in the community. And if they are gay, I will love them just the same. But I hear that is a tough life.

Is there any long-term money in any of this web stuff?

Breitbart: As long as one doesn’t walk into bad deals with former web porn barons infiltrating the conservative political world by concealing their lurid and litigious past and conspicuously laundering their ill-gotten millions through straight causes, one can make a steady and respectable living online.


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