Expand Gitmo!
Anything else is embarrassing, and potentially fatal.


Deroy Murdock

President Bush and his administration should yank their tails from between their legs, stand up, and fight for Guantanamo.

While suspected al Qaeda associates deployed their Mercedes-Benz bombs in London last week, Congressional Democrats announced plans to chop Gitmo’s funding in half. On June 29, as alleged Muslim terrorists prepared to ignite their Jeep Cherokee bomb the next day at Glasgow’s airport, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would hear fresh lawsuits filed by the boys of Gitmo.

While human-rights groups holler for Guantanamo’s closure, the Bush administration whispers the same message.

“The president said he wants to close Guantanamo,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates told journalists hours before the Glasgow attack. “Obviously a lot of people on the Hill want to close it. We want to close it as a detainee facility.”

This is pathetic, embarrassing, and potentially fatal.

President Bush and his appointees should stop cowering beneath their desks and return fire. Bush should start by uttering a simple sentence: “I am proud of Guantanamo.”

I am proud of Guantanamo, as every American should be. Here’s why:

First, Guantanamo keeps bloodthirsty terrorists surrounded by armed guards, ringed by barbed wire, and encircled by the shark-filled Caribbean. Muslim zealots who escape are welcome to swim to Haiti — 110 miles away. Securing crazed killers there prevents them from coming here.

Second, interrogating those at Gitmo has yielded priceless intelligence that has foiled conspiracies to murder innocent men, women, and children. Al Qaeda bigwig Abu Zubaydah kept mum until American officers played him the Red Hot Chili Peppers — at high volume. After they turned down the stereo, Zubaydah unmasked al Qaeda agents Omar al-Faruq, Rahim al-Nashiri, and Ramzi bin al-Shibh. After questioning, they, in turn, exposed more terrorist scum.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s lips were sealed until he experienced a few minutes of unpleasant but non-fatal waterboarding. Then he wouldn’t shut up. With his guidance, counterterrorists nabbed accused Islamo-butchers Majid Khan, Bali bomber Hambali, Rusman “Gun Gun” Gunawan, Yazid Suffat, Jose “Dirty Bomber” Padilla, and Iyman Faris, who plotted to plunge the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River.

Third, Guantanamo’s conditions are beyond humane. Detainees enjoy soccer and volleyball, face Mecca five times daily on taxpayer-funded prayer mats, and eat Allah-ready meals, adding ten pounds to the typical combatant’s physique.

On Tuesday, camp commandant Navy Rear Admiral Mark Buzby announced that well-behaved detainees would see a new movie each week. As the Associated Press reports, Guantanamanians care for a new vegetable garden and enjoy episodes of Deadliest Catch, a Discovery Channel program about Alaskan crab fishermen.

While indicting American medicine, rabid Bush hater Michael Moore inadvertently shatters Guantanamo’s image as “W’s Dungeon.” Moore’s new movie, SiCKO, vividly documents Gitmo’s high-quality medical care.

“We’ve created a population health database so that we can track those detainees to make sure we’re seeing them frequently, monitoring their labs and their overall health,” Navy Commander Cary Ostergaard said in June 29, 2005, House Armed Services Committee testimony cited in the film.

“The health personnel-to-detainee ratio is 1 to 4 — remarkably high,” then-Senator Bill Frist, M.D. (R., Tenn.) said in a September 12, 2006 Senate speech shown in the movie. Frist added that after visiting “the doctors, and the nurses, and the psychologists, and the psychiatrists, I left with an impression that health care there is clearly better than they received at home and as good as many people receive in the United States of America.”


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