William Milhous Belichick
Super Bowl XLII and its losing coach.


But no, Belichick had to get that extra, illegal, electronic edge. (What is it, anyway, with these guys and their fetish for secret tapes?)

And now, there are suspicions that Belichick and the Patriots may have been playing that kind of cheating game before Super Bowl XXXVI –back in 2002. The rumor (first reported in the Boston Herald) is that the Patriots secretly taped a Rams’ practice before the game. This would — not to put too fine a point on it — be cheating. Flat out.

Well, that Super Bowl is ancient history and nothing can be done about the Giants’ dramatic, 20-17 upset victory. The bad news is the current fallout. Senator Arlen Specter seems eager to investigate. As if, with Major League Baseball’s steroids scandal, we didn’t have enough Congressional meddling in sports. Can’t they just stick to what they do best — spending money, spreading earmarks, and ruining the economy?

Bill Belichick might be a genius as a coach, with three Super Bowl victories (and counting) on his résumé. But if his legacy is a Congressional investigation into Videogate, then he will be remembered as the Richard Nixon of football.

Geoffrey Norman writes on sports for NRO and other publications.


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