Obama, the Closer
An eloquent clean cut black man is the perfect front man for the radical Left.


Boomer Hillary
Even though both Bill and Hillary Clinton were radicals of a sort — protesting against the Vietnam War (Bill was a draft dodger), and supporting far-left causes at the time (the Black Panthers, SDS, George McGovern, etc.) — neither of them is technically of the same generation as the real radical leaders, the ones who are now flocking to Obama. Hillary and Bill are both Boomers, as is George W. Bush.

Although Hillary calls herself a modern “Progressive,” and continues to have close alliances with many former radicals, the true Marxists prefer Obama. They are the authentic “Progressives,” progressing the Marxist cause in America, without regard for the will of the citizenry.

Hillary is, undoubtedly, of the same mindset, but she has lived at least nine political lives, and more clearly understands the folly of seeking ideological perfection without regard to practical results over the long term. She also has, as we have seen over and over again, a personal survival instinct so strong that it keeps her from falling on her (and our) sword for the revolution.

The authentic do-or-die-trying arch-radicals see Hillary as a pragmatic compromiser, like Bill. The pair are not nearly as committed to the Revolution as they have become to Clinton power, the Clinton legacy, and the Clinton bank accounts. These Marxist revolutionaries reject politicians who stand up for America against foreign enemies; Hillary’s threats against Iran are the equivalent of blasphemy to them. Anything pragmatic is blashemy to them.

Obama’s appeasement seems a perfect fit with their own worldwide-revolutionary instincts.

These Marxist rabble-rousers, who refuse to grow up, or die, have long considered nearly all of us real Boomers to be sellouts. While most of the pre-Boomers remained Yippie revolutionaries, most Boomers became Yuppies instead. Or far, far worse, Republicans.

Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman, both Chicago Seven defendants, were co-founders of the Yippies, the socialist Youth International Party, most known for its anti-establishment street theater and other public antics, as well as their symbolic flag: a bright-red star on a black field, with a dark-green marijuana leaf superimposed.

When Rubin went to work for corporate America in the mid-80s, he debated Hoffman on the merits of his decision to sell out to the man, and distilled the difference between Yippies and Yuppies thus: “if the acronym IRA makes you think of the Irish Republican Army, you’re a yippie. But if you think that IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account, then you’re a yuppie.”

In radical Marxist eyes, Hillary and Bill Clinton are definitely Yuppies. And to these folks, revolution is a religion like Islam. There are no honorable conversions. Period.

Judged politically mainstream sell-outs, the Clintons are now unacceptable standard-bearers of the Marxist revolution — an important behind-the-scenes factor in the Democrat primary race that the mainstream liberal media is loath to admit. Bill and Hillary may still have many of the same old radical goals, but any compromise with reality is too much for the pre-Boomer radicals to stomach.

Who’s afraid of washed-up SIXTIES’ radicals?
A couple of reminders on the political creed of Bernadine Dohrn — former Weatherman underground leader, now married to Billy Ayers, and very chummy with Barack Obama — seem in order here.

The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the Panthers and the Revolutionary Black Liberation Struggle, is to build a f**king white revolutionary movement.

– Bernadine Dohrn, May 21, 1970

That Barack Obama’s meteoric rise in American politics should have Chicago as its political home base was perhaps not quite as fortuitous and coincidental as it once appeared.