Obama, the Closer
An eloquent clean cut black man is the perfect front man for the radical Left.


The first alliances Obama made in Chicago were with fellow travelers of socialist Saul Alinsky and leaders of the ongoing “Black Liberation” Struggle, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan. And before Obama made even his first attempt to dip into Chicago’s political cesspool, he was introduced to and properly coronated by Ayers and Dohrn. Then came one “magical” success after another, until now the ultimate prize in American politics is stunningly within reach, in little more than a decade since Obama’s initial political grooming.

I’m going to read a declaration of a state of War. This is the first communication from the Weatherman Underground. All over the world, people fighting Amerikan imperialism look to Amerika’s youth to use our strategic position behind enemy lines to join forces in the destruction of the empire. . . . Within the next fourteen days we will attack a symbol or institution of Amerikan injustice.

– Bernadine Dohrn, circa 1970
Bernadine missed the Days of Rage at the Democrat Convention in 1968, because she was in Yugoslavia, meeting with communists from the National Liberation Front, getting advice on how to assist the worldwide revolution here in America. By far the communist radical with the sexiest image, Bernadine was also on the front lines of the “Smash Monogamy” campaign, which was designed to destroy the bedrock of American society by sneaking the revolution through the bedroom door, thereby crushing Americans’ “bourgeois hang-ups” and making them more amenable to groupthink.

And then, too, Bernadine and Ayers were busy helping their comrades to shed their “white skin privilege,” so they could identify with the core of the revolution’s oppressed, the Black Panthers. It seems more than fitting to these old Marxists, I’m quite certain, that they have found a black man to anoint, since they always believed that the revolution would succeed in America on the tails of black liberation.

Some have surmised that the considerable political influence of Ayers’ father within the Daley machine and Chicago’s halls of “justice” is the reason that both Ayers and Dohrn paid only the barest penalties for their numerous crimes against the United States. As Ayers loves to make a habit of gloating, he is “guilty as hell and free as a bird.”

Obviously, without a viable contemporary standard-bearer, these crusty old radicals would be no real threat to America, except at their university podiums, in their dreary textbooks, and in a sprinkling of local public offices.

But an eloquent, clean-cut, moderate-sounding black man is the perfect instrument for these radicals to promote their revolutionary program. Anyone who remembers the mayhem they caused and the citizens they killed in many a city and town across America, should be experiencing quite a lot of deja-vu angst right now, with Obama’s star rising, especially in the east and west.

Can Obama Seal the Deal?

Whether Obama proves to be The One, whom the 60s radicals have anointed to seal the deal on their long-awaited Marxist revolution, lies mostly now in the hands of Democratic National Committee, the party’s superdelegates, and — eventually, if he receives the nomination from the fractious Dems — the American electorate.

The 60s are long gone, but the era’s legacy lives on in the Democrat Party. As Peter Collier and David Horowitz summarized in their book, Destructive Generation:

The decade ended with a big bang that made society into a collection of splinter groups, special interest organizations and newly minted “minorities,” whose only common belief was that America was guilty and untrustworthy. This is perhaps the enduring legacy of the Sixties.
Even if the Democrats manage to avoid a big-bang ending to this nominating process (the rules for which were largely engineered by the 60s radicals themselves) remains to be seen. The Party may yet split on more traditional lines, between those who still love America and those who clearly don’t.

But the biggest sell Obama will have to make in November, if he is the nominee, is that he’s not just the handpicked new face of a very old, and thoroughly discredited ideology.

Even a young guy like Barack can’t revive the dead horse of socialism. Or can he?

Kyle-Anne Shiver is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.