Are you Changed?
Helping, healing.


Who is AbortionChangesYou for?

Fredenburg: is a safe, confidential place that can be visited any time of the day or night. The interactive content allows visitors to anonymously explore at their own pace while still feeling a sense of community. The “Find Help” locator (at the top right hand on each page) allows visitors to enter their zip code and find after-abortion healing resources in their area.

Lopez: How can people help?

Fredenburg: People can participate in the Abortion Changes You outreach by purchasing copies of the book Changed at or by calling 877-325-HEAL. In addition to reading the book, you can give a copy to a man or woman who is touched by abortion. You can also provide copies to mental health professionals, church counseling offices, or even to your local library. All proceeds from sales of the book benefit the Abortion Changes You outreach.

I also encourage readers to consider making a financial contribution to the outreach. The goal of the Abortion Changes You outreach is to reach each individual who has been touched by abortion — this is a goal that can only be met through the generosity of others. Tax-deductible donations can be made at either or by calling 877-325-HEAL.

Lopez: Are these resources churches can use?

Fredenburg: Studies show that women who attend church regularly have abortions at the same rate as women who attend church sporadically or not at all. It is important for church leadership to realize that a majority of men and women sitting in the pews have personally been touched by abortion. It is also important to understand that most people will not reach out for help within churches due to either shame or because they fear judgment or condemnation.

When I am invited to speak at churches numerous men, women, and grandparents come up to talk with me. Usually, I am the first person that they have shared their abortion experience with.

Church leadership can read the book Changed to gain an understanding of persons’ experiences. They can offer Changed in the church bookstore, which communicates compassion as well as the church’s desire to offer healing resources. Churches can also add a link to on the church website or insert an outreach card in the church bulletin (available at This provides access to healing resources that doesn’t require someone to reveal their secret.

When funding becomes available we plan to develop a specific Abortion Changes You Church Resource Kit that includes information about reproductive grief, complicated grief, and creative suggestions for the church to communicate it is a safe place to heal after an abortion.