Reagan on Radio
The Great Communicator is back on radio, with enduring lessons for today's candidates.


Deroy Murdock

Why Reagan, and why now? Next November, Americans will pick new, 21st-century leaders, so why heed a man who passed away in 2004, left Washington in 1989, and recorded this advice three decades ago?

“Ronald Reagan was prescient about many issues, focused on the big picture, and his values suffused everything he wrote,” says veteran aide Peter Hannaford, who introduces these resurrected radio essays. “As a communicator, he remains the Gold Standard. Much of what he discussed is as timely today as it was then.”

Many of these recordings also are transcribed in Martin and Annelise Anderson’s book, Ronald Reagan in His Own Hand. These Hoover Institution researchers discovered that Reagan hand-wrote at least 670 of these scripts concerning a parade of issues. Facts, figures, lucid arguments, and good humor poured from Reagan’s pen. The Andersons’ meticulous scholarship machine-gunned the lie that Reagan was merely an “amiable dunce,” as the late Democratic luminary Clark Clifford once clucked. In fact, Martin Anderson has dubbed Ronald Reagan “a one-man think tank” whose intellect helped him win the White House.

Oh, to find such clarity of thought, commitment to principle, and raw communications skills today.


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