A Soft & Squishy Sentence
Dirty deeds go virtually unpunished.


Deroy Murdock

As for Hamdan, the toughest sentence he faced was life. He should have been executed. Life is too lenient for those who love death. The firing squad or gallows should await al-Qaeda agents who helped slaughter 52 on London’s subways, 191 on Madrid’s trains, 202 in Bali, 2,979 on 9/11, and countless thousands in Iraq.

Also, jailing Hamdan and his buddies makes them hostage bait. (e.g. “If you want to see your kindergartners again, put Hamdan and our other brothers on a flight to freedom. Well fly the plane. Al-Qaeda has many pilots.”) Rather than execute terrorists, Israel imprisons them. Terrorists, in turn, occasionally kidnap hostages to trade for Israeli-held Islamo-killers. Thus, in January 2004, Israel swapped 400 Palestinian and 30 Lebanese prisoners for the remains of three Israeli soldiers who Hezbollah abducted in October 2000. Last July 16, Israel switched a Lebanese convicted murderer and four live Hezbollah terrorists for two dead Israeli soldiers.

Al-Qaeda types would be far harder to exchange if they were executed, cremated, and stored in urns. Better yet, dispatch their ashes to the nearest garbage dump.

Some worry that such executions would martyr al-Qaeda agents and anger Muslim radicals. But where exactly are these happy Muslim extremists we would enrage? These insects are in a permanent, homicidal fury. Nothing could move them from 100 percent to 150 percent anti-Infidel hatred. This is like urging Jewish partisans in Poland not to kill Nazis for fear of driving Hitler into deeper anti-Semitism.

Salim Hamdan’s five-month Caribbean sojourn is America’s reward for going soft, supple, and effeminate toward our Islamofascist enemies. Eisenhower never would have tolerated this nonsense. A manly War on Terror would have avoided this mess. Governing in high heels blocks the blood to men’s brains.

– Deroy Murdock is a New York-based columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution. © 2008 Scripps Howard News Service


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