America Second
Obama's world vision ought to scare the pants off Americans from diapers to Depends.


Anne Bayefsky

The foreign-policy differences between the two presidential candidates could not be more stark. And the chasm does not center on Iraq. It is about what ‘America first’ really means. Not hegemony. Not a disinterest in cooperation or insensitivity to regional differences. But believing in a set of values rooted in human dignity and respect – and being genuinely prepared to defend those values against our real enemies.   Only one candidate has even committed to that task.

John Kerry told George Bush he would decide foreign policy on the basis of a global test – take the measure of our allies’ proclivities and then decide what to do. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a similar yardstick – the United Nations. The U.N. — the god of multilateralism, that supposed moral high ground where 192 nations talk, adopt resolutions, have conferences and allegedly spare us from war. Obama, the lightweight on foreign policy, got off to a bad start when it came to matters of state. His “tiny” Iran speech brought Joe Biden onto the ticket to do the heavy-lifting on the presidential function of defining interactions with other governments. When we wonder what a President Obama might do at 3:00 A.M., Sen. Biden answers the call.

The number one issue in American foreign policy today is Iran and the imminent threat that the leading state sponsor of terrorism will acquire nuclear arms. Getting the full measure of a President Obama, requires getting the measure of our adversary. The man who hopes to soon have his finger on the nuclear trigger, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told the United Nations General Assembly this week: 

The dignity, integrity and rights of the European and American people are being played with by a small but deceitful number of people called Zionists. Although they are miniscule minority, they have been dominating an important portion of the financial and monetary centers as well as the political decision-making centers of some European countries and the U.S. in a deceitful, complex and furtive manner.

Ahmadinejad’s grotesque antisemitism and subsequent call for Israel’s “collapse” were met by a round of applause from the assembled audience – the United States and Israel were absent – and a big hug from the President of the General Assembly, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann.


How would Obama/Biden tackle the job of shutting down the genocidal plans of the Iranian President and saving the free world from a nuclear holocaust? 


The world vision of Obama/Biden has the following characteristics – that ought to scare the pants off Americans from diapers to Depends: