Millionaires’ Club
Democrats' House-race spending.


If you want a look at where Democrats plan to gain seats in the 2008 election, just follow the money. They have plenty of it, and they’re spending it in many Republican districts nowadays.

Below is a list of 30 Republican seats where the DCCC has spent more than $1 million this cycle. The numbers have been culled from the DCCC’s required 24-hour FEC filings for October 28 and 29. In parentheses is the Republican incumbent, where applicable.

Keep an eye on all of these seats next Tuesday, as several of them are expected to flip from Republican to Democrat.

NV-3 (Porter): $2.38 million

NC-8 (Hayes): $2.38 million

MN-3 (Open): $2.29 million

IL-11 (Open): $2.12 million

OH-15 (Open): $2.11 million

AZ-3 (Shadegg): $2.06 million

AZ-1 (Open): $2.05 million

IL-10 (Kirk): $2.05 million

OH-1 (Chabot): $2.0 million

NM-1 (Open): $2.0 million

OH-16 (Open): $1.99 million

NY-26 (Open): $1.81 million

MD-1 (Open): $1.8 million

WA-8 (Reichert): 1.69 million

MI-7 (Walberg): $1.69 million

MI-9 (Knollenberg): $1.63 million

NM-2 (Open): $1.52 million

PA-3 (English): $1.5 million

NJ-3 (Open): $1.47 million

NJ-7 (Open): $1.46 million

AK-At Large: (Young): $1.27 million

CT-4 (Shays): $1.23 million

VA-TK (Drake): $1.21 million

KY-2 (Open): 1.2 million

AL-2 (Open): $1.17 million

MO-9 (Open) : $1.15 million

FL-24 (Feeney): $1.14 million

VA-11 (Open): $1.12 million

CO-4 (Musgrave): $1.11 million

MN-6 (Bachmann): $1.06 million

Barack Obama’s success at raising hundreds of millions over the Internet — about which troubling questions about campaign-finance fraud continue to be raised — clearly means that Democrats are free to spend money on other races.

David Freddoso is a staff reporter for National Review Online and author of The Case Against Barack Obama.