Gunning for Victory
Second Amendment voter guide.


House, 7th District: Republican Tim Wallberg (A,A) vs. Democrat Mark Schauer (D+,NR).

House, 9th District: Republican Joe Knollenberg (A,A-) vs. Democrat Gary Peters (D,F).


The Minnesota Senate vote could determine the outcome of many future filibusters.

Senate: Republican Norm Coleman (A,B) vs. Democrat Al Franken (F,F).

House, 3rd District: Republican Erik Paulsen (A,A) vs. Democrat Ashwin Madia (D,NR).

House, 6th District: Republican Michele Bachmann(A,A-) vs. Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg (AQ,C).

Senate (special election): Republican Roger Wicker (A,A-) vs. Democrat Ronnie Musgrove (A,NR).

Senate: Republican Thad Cochran (A,C) vs. Democrat Erik Fleming (A-,C).

House, 1st District:: Democrat Travis Childers (A,A) won a special election in June, and was lead sponsor of the bill (which passed the House but stalled in the Senate) to reform the District of Columbia’s abusive gun laws. Even though the bill did not pass, it convinced the D.C. City Council to re-legalize self-loading guns, and to lift the gun storage law which made home nearly impossible. Childers faces Republican Greg Davis (A,B), whom he defeated in the special election.

House, 6th District: Republican Sam Graves (A,A-) vs. Democrat Kay Barnes (?,F).

House, 9th District: Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer (A,A) vs. Democrat Judy Baker (C,NR).

Governor: Republican Kenny Hulshof (A) vs, Democrat Jay Nixon (C).


Governor: Republican Roy Brown (A) vs. Democrat Brian Schweitzer (A).

Senate: Republican Bob Kelleher (?,NR) vs. Democrat Max Baucus (A+,D).


House, 3rd District: Republican Jon Porter (A,A-) vs. Democrat Dina Titus (B-,C-).

New Hampshire

Senate: Republican John Sununu (A,A) vs. Democrat Jeanne Shaheen (F,F).

House, 1st District: Republican Jeb Bradley (A,A) vs. Democrat Carol Shea-Porter (F,C-).
Governor: Republican Joe Kenney (A) vs. Democrat John Lynch (C) .

New Jersey
Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg (F,F-) proposed a national ban on licensed carrying of concealed handguns — a ban which Obama also favors. Lautenberg’s opponent is former Rep. Dick Zimmer (D,F). Ignoring the lousy choices for Senate, pro-rights activists may instead invest their time in the House, 3rd District: Republican Chris Myers (A-,NR) vs. Democrat John Adler (F,F).

House, 7th District: Republican Leonard Lance (C,B) vs. Democrat Linda Stender (F,F).

New Mexico

Senate: Republican Steve Pearce (A,A) vs. Democrat Tom Udall (C-,F).

House, 1st District: Republican Darren White (A,NR) vs. Democrat Martin Heinrich (A,NR). The situation in the 1st district is a nice change from previous years, in which Republican Heather Wilson hung on by her fingernails against anti-gun candidates. This year, Albuquerque is safe for the Second Amendment.

House, 2nd District: Republican Ed Tinsley (A,A) vs. Democrat Harry Teague (AQ,NR).


New York
Next to Florida, the Empire State has the greatest potential for Second Amendment setbacks.

House, 13th District: Republican Bob Straniere (AQ,D) vs. Democrat Mike McMahon (F,NR).

House, 25th District: Republican Dale Sweetland (A,C-) vs. Democrat Dan Maffei (F,F).

House, 29th District: Republican Randy Kuhl (A,A-) vs. Democrat Eric Massa (C, NR).


North Carolina
In the open seat race for governor, the race is close between Republican Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory (B-) and Democratic Lt. Gov.
Beverly Perdue (A). Running for president in 2000, Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole (A,A) took criticized concealed handgun carry. But in the Senate, her voting record has been good. In a very tight contest, her opponent is Democrat State Sen. Kay Hagan (F,F). 8th District, south-central N.C.: Republican Rep. Robin Hayes (A,A) vs. Democratic schoolteacher Larry Kissell (AQ,B-).


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