The Right Returns?
Predictions for Election Day.


Will this be a victory day that signals the comeback of the Right? Will today’s results signal anything? We asked friends of National Review Online to predict the outcome — and impact — of today’s elections.  
My very edgy predictions: 
New Jersey: Chris Daggett will lose. 
Virginia: The Washington Post will declare the Virginia governor’s race results not a referendum on President Obama.  
– Dan Casey is a public-affairs consultant and Republican strategist. 

If, as now seems quite possible, Republicans win the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey and the special congressional election in New York, this much is clear:

Given a choice, a majority of those who voted in these three key states rejected progressivism — with its siren song of an ever-expanding, more “efficient” administrative state — and endorsed conservatism — with its firm commitment to the founding principles of our nation. Those principles include such time-tested ideas as limited constitutional government, individual freedom and responsibility, and free enterprise.

For a brilliant exposé of the un-American aims of the progressive movement and a persuasive explanation of how to apply conservative principles to the challenges of today, I refer you to We Still Hold These Truths, published this week by my Heritage Foundation colleague Matthew Spalding. Based on the Virginia, New Jersey, and New York results, as well as the hundreds and thousands of tea parties and town halls this year, I predict that Dr. Spalding’s book will be a best-seller.

There’s just something about certain truths that resonate with the American people.  
– Lee Edwards is a distinguished fellow in Conservative Thought at 
the Heritage Foundation.  
Hoffman will win. McDonnell will win, and carry most of the down-ticket candidates with him. In New Jersey it will go late into the night, but Corzine will probably squeak by. The “winner” will be announced the next day, and his victory will have considerable voter-irregularity stink to it. 
The press, partly out of boredom with the referendum-on-Obama storyline and partly out of a desire to focus attention on those crazy right-wingers, will spend much of its time and energy yakking about this “civil war” nonsense. 
Oh yeah, one more prediction: Josh Goldberg will shock the cognoscenti with his historic showing in the New York City Council race. 
– Jonah Goldberg is editor-at-large of National Review Online and the author of 
Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning



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