Going Off Senator Graham’s Cliff
Reaching across the aisle to solve the imaginary problem of Gitmo.


Andrew C. McCarthy

Closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay is “the pragmatic thing to do.” So says Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) in remarks reported by the Wall Street Journal. And why is that? “It’s an image problem for the United States.” Actually, Gitmo is not a problem at all for the United States. In fact, it’s a boon. It’s an image problem only for leftists, and an irrational one. There is no good reason to give in to their lingering Bush derangement — especially at the cost of endangering the American people.

Senator Graham has evidently been huddling with White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, struggling to find a solution to this imaginary problem that Graham has managed to convince himself is a “practical problem.” And what makes it a practical problem?  “Having a jail where presidents don’t want to send anyone,” says the senator.

But a presidential hissy fit is not a “practical problem.” We have 200 trained alien terrorists who want to kill Americans, and there are many more where they came from. We need a safe place to put them, a place where they cannot threaten anyone. We just happen to have this first-rate, Geneva Convention–compliant detention center that the American people have spent about a quarter-billion dollars to make ultra-safe yet Islamo-friendly. But Barack Obama doesn’t want to send anyone there, because its existence has George Soros’s shorts in a knot? How very practical.

When did it become “practical” to accommodate irrationality? Senator Graham has a name for this syndrome, too. It’s called “bipartisanship.” The “solution” to this imaginary problem, he claims, “has got to be bipartisan.” Near as I can tell, this means we must capitulate to the foolish for the sake of getting along with the senseless. “There’s no way the Democratic party is going to walk off a political cliff here without Republican support,” pronounced Graham, “nor should they.”

No, of course not. By all means, let’s join hands and walk off the cliff together. After all, if we were to stand our firm ground over here while the Obama Democrats teeter on the edge of the cliff, they just might see they’ve got no place else to go. They just might be overcome by a temporary flash self-preservation instinct and say, “Okay, let’s keep the bad guys in the safe prison.” We wouldn’t want to do that, right?


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