Turning the Obama Tide
The American people have woken up to President Obama's true agenda. It's up to the GOP to make the most of it.


Sean Hannity

No president in the history of modern polling has lost so much support in so short a period of time as Barack Obama. Most of his policies are deeply unpopular — and the most unpopular policy of all is his signature domestic initiative, health care. Mr. Obama’s party has suffered serious losses in key races in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. The GOP is now ahead on the congressional generic ballot, which is almost unheard of, even in elections in which Republicans wind up doing well. As a result, non-partisan political experts now say that the conditions are in place for a punishing and potentially power-changing defeat for Democrats in November.

Yet Mr. Obama is unmoved by any of this. He continues to push his agenda over the objections of the people, determined as ever to transform American society, to remake it into his own liberal image.

In the face of this, the Republican party — which in recent years had lost its way — is returning to first principles. Republicans opposed the stimulus bill last year — and every GOP member of Congress voted against Obamacare. Republicans and conservatives are offering an alternative to Mr. Obama: limited government and liberty. They are opposing the unprecedented power grab by Washington, as well as the “culture of corruption” that now characterizes the majority party. And as we saw during the health-care summit, they are offering specific, impressive proposals of their own.

Between now and November, the Republican party has to convince voters that it has returned to its conservative, Reaganite roots. That is where Americans are heading at lightning speed; the Republican party would be smart to get there as well.

The GOP needs to continue to oppose Obama on every front, vocally and without fear. It needs to offer market-based solutions to liberalism’s command-and-control economy. And it needs to do what some of us have been doing since the beginning of this administration, which is to say and to show that Barack Obama is the most radical president we have ever laid eyes on. Republicans need to point out, with the intellectual force and personal charm that characterized Mr. Reagan, that Mr. Obama is a threat to the things we most cherish, the principles our country was founded on, and the documents that gave birth to this country.

If some might have found this indictment overstated and melodramatic a year ago, that is no longer true. America has lived under Obama for 14 months now, and that experience has been a harsh teacher. We now know what we are dealing with. And the American people, in growing numbers, want to hit the reset button. Out of this a conservative victory will emerge — and a new political era will dawn.

– Sean Hannity’s new book, Conservative Victory, was released today.


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