Obamacare Repeal Gains Momentum . . .
. . . in the voting booth, the courthouse, and Congress.


Deroy Murdock

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, 170 of the 178 House Republicans have signed Rep. Steve King’s (R., Iowa) discharge petition to bring repeal language to the House floor.

“Our goal is to have 218 signatures on the discharge petition to force Speaker Pelosi to unclench her fist and allow a vote to repeal Obamacare,” says Michael Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America, a pro-repeal conservative advocacy group. “The fact that not one of the 34 Democrats who voted against Obamacare has signed this petition should lead voters to ask these congressmen if they now endorse Obamacare’s implementation.”

Americans increasingly would applaud such a House vote. A July 30–31 Rasmussen survey of 1,000 likely voters shows that 59 percent want Obamacare overturned, while 38 percent disagree. (Error margin: ± 3 percent.) Despite relentless Democratic preening over Obamacare, pro-repeal sentiments have risen from 55 percent (42 percent opposed) on March 23–24, when Obama signed the bill. The more Americans learn about Obamacare, the more they reject it. Concerning this law, familiarity breeds contempt.

If the American people hand Republicans the keys to Congress on November 2, they can smother this $2.5 trillion extravagance in its infancy. While a GOP repeal vote surely would earn a presidential veto, a Republican Congress could defund this law’s implementation.

Instead, Republicans should pass what Congress should have adopted in the first place: a simple, far cheaper program centered on “health stamps.” These vouchers would help truly uninsurable poor people purchase insurance, much as food stamps help low-income Americans buy almost any groceries they please, without capsizing the entire supermarket system.

Medical-malpractice reform, universal tax-free health savings accounts, and individual purchases of portable medical plans (all available across state lines) should compose the balance of the GOP’s antidote to Obamacare’s poison.

Obamacare’s ultimate demise likely will require a Republican chief executive to sign its death certificate. Until that joyous occasion, Americans should dream of the day when Barack Obama returns to Chicago to break ground on his presidential library.

– Deroy Murdock is a nationally syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.